11 celebs who’ve had a far worse week than us – from Holly Willoughby to Will Mellor, Phillip Schofield and Stacey Solomon

From Ofcom complaints to a grovelling apology

It’s that time of the week again, time to spare a thought for some of your favourite celebs.

From “awful” looks to kids doing what kids do and actually having the audacity to grow up, it’s been a trying week for many.

Thank God it’s Friday, eh, guys!

Will Mellor smiling on the red carpet in a beige jacket
Will Mellor’s had a bad week after he re-lived the agony of someone wanting to have sex with him (Credit: Splash News)

Will Mellor’s having a worse week than us

Poor old Will Mellor. The Strictly fave once had a steamy encounter with Hollywood legend Brigitte Nielsen and it left him “terrified”.

Will said: “I met Brigitte Nielsen and she came on to me and asked me to go and have sex with her in a hotel room. ‘Send a driver for him, go and get him,’ like I was some piece of meat. I was terrified. She’s like six foot whatever, her boobs were so big, and she just buried my head in her boobs and went: ‘Oh look at you,’ like I was some little play thing.”

Her boobs were so big, and she just buried my head in her boobs and went: ‘Oh look at you.’

People would pay for that kind of treatment Will, stop your moaning!

The Mr Bates vs The Post Office star – who is now happily married – didn’t clarify whether he actually did spend the night with the Hollywood star, or if he did end up, ahem, enjoying himself. Over to you, Brigitte…

Westlife celebs Shane, Nicky and Kian

The Westlife boys are on a bit of a downer after Mark Feehily pulled out of their current tour due to ill health. As the only one who can actually sing, fans are devastated, too!

“I love you three and know you’ll knock it out of the park,” Mark told his bandmates Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne and Kian Egan.

That concert is going to need more reworking than the Diversity tour…

Stacey Solomon smiling with her blonde hair down
It’s been a long six days for fans eagerly awaiting Stacey Solomon’s first newsletter (Credit: Splash News)

Stacey Solomon

What’s a girl to do when a newsletter “hundreds of thousands” of people signed up for doesn’t actually get sent out? Apologise profusely.

And that’s exactly what Stacey Solomon did as she was forced to issue an apology after catastrophes beyond her control meant her first-ever email update was delayed.

We’ve currently been refreshing our inbox for six whole days, so we reckon it’s been more than a “few extra blips in the road”, Stace!

Our weekend’s looking pretty empty while we await instructions on those spring crafting ideas… Might have to watch paint dry instead!

As the celebs enter the CBB house… Phillip Schofield!

Ahead of the new series of Celebrity Big Brother next week, Phillip Schofield is apparently “desperate” to make a TV comeback. But we’re not quite sure he’s ready for Fern Britton’s jelly.

According to ‘insiders’, she’s all set to enter that house on Monday night (March 4) and spill the tea on her feud with the one-time This Morning host.

“Phil is desperate to return to TV,” one insider said. “He was concerned about things being rehashed, but now feels he can move forward. He wants to leave the past where it is.”

Better not tune into ITV1 for the next few weeks then, Phil.

Phillip Schofield smiling on the red carpet wearing all black
Will Phil’s smile be turned upside down if Fern Britton enters the CBB house? (Credit: Splash News)

Celebs who’ve had a worse week than us: Martine McCutcheon

Poor old Martine has been trolled over her teeth.

“Thank you for your really important and intelligent observation,” the star clapped back after a barbed comment about their prominence was left on one of the star’s videos.

“That’s a game changer for the world that one. Why don’t you unfollow and save your unkind and personal comments about someone’s appearance for someone else who doesn’t mind reading them on their OWN account… The cheek of it! Many thanks. And keep making the world a better, less judgemental place.”

Here, here. And while we’re at it, here’s a reminder to be kind to your dentist – because they have fill-ings too!


Single Pringle Cheryl‘s another celeb going through it this week. Her son, Bear, is growing up, as all kids do, and she’s looking to have a replacement.

“With Bear’s seventh birthday coming up, it’s really hitting home to Cheryl that he’s no longer her baby, and is now a proper little boy who is growing more independent by the day,” said a source. Who’d have thought it, eh!

“It’s gone by in a blur. She really misses that time when it was just her and him in their own little bubble.” We imagine she’ll be feeling that more than ever when she heads out on the Girls Aloud tour and the critics get hold of her performance…

Celebs who’ve had a worse week than us: Sue Radford

Mum of a billion kids Sue Radford has told of her horror after someone gave her a dirty look in the supermarket.

Sue didn’t share what the woman’s problem was, but we reckon it was probably over a fight for the last roll of Andrex. Well, she does have 22 bums to wipe!

“I was in Sainsbury’s when a woman huffed at me disapprovingly and gave me the most filthy look. It was like she wanted me dead,” Sue revealed. “When I challenged her she told me she thought ‘a lot of people’ wanted to give me the same look. It was awful.”

If looks could kill, eh Sue!

Stephen Mulhern laughing and Holly Willoughby hiding her face
The Ofcom complaints of course came pouring in for Stephen and Holly (Credit: ITV)

Dancing On Ice’s Stephen and Holly

We don’t think there’s been a week yet where either Stephen Mulhern or Holly Willoughby haven’t been in our celebs having a worse week than us feature. And you’ll be pleased to hear this week is no exception.

After Holly was left red-faced when one of Magic Mike’s T-shirts whacked her in the mush and Stephen whipped his kit off to gyrate while wearing some fake abs, the Ofcom complaints inevitably came pouring in. Because of course they did!

So will they address the elephant in the room on Dancing On Ice this weekend? Going on previous behaviour, of course they won’t!


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