Nigel Farage looks down, Layton Williams smiles, Piers Morgan looks angry

11 celebs having a far worse week than us – from Nigel Farage to Layton Williams and Piers Morgan

Keep these famous faces in your thoughts this weekend

With the weekend winking at us, that was the week that was. And for many celebs, it wasn’t their best.

Here’s the rundown of 11 celebs who’ve been having a worse week than any of us.

Jamie Lynn Spears grimaces
Probably best that Jamie Lynn Spears is out of the jungle (Credit: ITV)

Jamie Lynn Spears

We can remember when I’m A Celeb was about laughing at celebs like a whimpering Dean Gaffney forcing himself to stick his hand in a burrow of rabid kangaroos otherwise he’d starve, something like that.

Now all we get is divisive politicians being given some kind of unconvincing PR overhaul. Oh, and celebrity sibling Jamie Lynn Spears having a thoroughly miserable time and recalling other distressing ones such as how her child nearly died.

When does I’m A Celebrity become actually entertaining this series? Does anyone – including the producers – know?

Nigel Farage looks very tired
‘Nigel Farage stinks’ (Credit: ITV)

Nigel Farage

Josie Gibson let slip – with a big smile on her face, and probably would’ve done it with a megaphone if she had access to one – that Nigel Farage “stinks”, despite washing every day.

“There’s been times when we’ve been out on trials and Nigel’s been a tiny bit whiffy,” she gleefully told viewers.

Take back control of your deodorant, Nigel.

Tony Bellew winces
Swift pint, Tony? (Credit: ITV)

Tony Bellew

As well as being proficient at both being punched in the head and punching other professional boxers in the head, Tony Bellew demonstrated his strong constitution by knocking back pints of blended sheep brains (which sounds like it could be a name for a craft beer) and the like in the vilest trial of the last few days.

Nigel Farage drinks
Nigel Farage gulps down slop (Credit: ITV)

Tony only boked twice! But he was having a session with Nigel Farage, so probably 48% (or very likely higher these days) of the audience get it.

Piers Morgan speaks
Piers Morgan names, but who allegedly bears the shame? (Credit: YouTube)

Piers Morgan

It could get a bit sticky for Piers Morgan. Declaring British people are “entitled to know” what was claimed in a book published in Holland – before it was apparently then removed from shelves and subsequently pulped in a very speedy-sounding distribution logistics operation – Piers’ detractors on social media have had a whale of a time while informing him he could be in all kinds of legal trouble.

Only time will tell whether Piers ends up having a worse YEAR (maybe ‘lifetime’?) than anyone else due to his decision… or if consequences could befall those social media users taking the mick out of him… while repeating such actionable claims themselves…

Layton Williams smiles
Does Layton Williams ‘not get it’ when his Strictly partnership scores more points than other celebs? (Credit: ITV)

Layton Williams

It is getting quite hard to keep track of all the different Strictly fan theories which suggest certain judges are protecting, or alternatively picking on, Layton Williams. Those claims often involve individual judges taking both positions, simultaneously, going by some reactions on social media.

Clearly, however, one ex-pro isn’t convinced. Brendan Cole told ED! that Layton has “not really grasped the Ballroom and Latin dancing element of the show to the point where it needs to be”.

He added: “Compare that to Nigel Harman or Ellie Leach, and that’s the difference that separates the three actors for me.”

Brendan also indicated he felt Layton may not have learned “the art of what you’re supposed to be doing on Strictly”.

Layton has grasped how to stand out, however. Furthermore, a quick reminder Layton (and Nikita’s) points for the series so far total 353 – more than anyone else. Ellie and Vito are in second place with 347. And Nigel and Katya have totted up 307.

That’s the difference that separates the three actors for everyone else. Is getting high scores what he’s supposed to be doing?

I’m A Celebrity

If there’s one thing hundreds – and nearly thousands – of I’m A Celebrity viewers have enjoyed doing this series, it is complaining about the show.

Thousands of them have taken time out of their busy lives to grumble to Ofcom about that exchange from last week between Nella Rose and Fred Sirieix, as well as Nella and Nigel rowing too.

Celebs Nella, Fred and Nigel are having to endure tough conditions, which is much worse than hating what you’re watching and still continuing to watch it. Or is it?

Lorraine Kelly

Sticking with the Ofcom theme, Lorraine Kelly has also been the subject of 354 viewer grievances to the watchdog after being accused of body-shaming Nigel Farage.

Surprised to be informed the former MEP is 59, Lorraine reacted: “That’s astonishing. That just shows you get the face you deserve! You really do.”

Poor Lorraine must be astonished by those members of her audience that had a whinge and whine, too.

Ant and Dec react
Ant and Dec: ‘Not strict enough’ (Credit: ITV)

Ant and Dec

I’m A Celeb hosts Ant and Dec have been getting it in the neck too, from Springwatch’s Chris Packham.

The animal welfare campaigner has written a letter to the presenters concerning IAC’s “continued exploitation of animals for entertainment”.

“They’re not strict enough in my opinion,” Chris is also reported to have moaned about the show’s hosts.

They’ve got quite a lot on Chris, with all the giggling they get through on the show and… and all the other stuff they have to do on screen.

There may very well be a case to answer. But I’m A Celebrity is an international undertaking involving dozens of film crew, production staff and celebs. There’s no point having a pop at the highly influential public figures fronting the series for decisions taken concerning catering.

Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden

Sad times for Charley Webb, Matthew Wolfenden, and their loved ones, as their split was confirmed.

What’s more, Emmerdale actor Matthew has come in for flak after being trolled about being “old and fat”.

He’ll be hoping horrible life events don’t come in threes.

Tommy Fury

Social media person Tommy Fury didn’t mention his partner – 24-year-old former fast-fashion retail creative director Molly-Mae Hague – in a post recently.

Must’ve been a shock for her to realise everyone has the same 24 hours in a day to not be regarded.

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