Strictly star Amy Dowden ‘tired’ and ‘in limbo’ amid anxious wait for scan results: ‘I’m not sure what’s next’

It's been a tough year for the inspirational dancer

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Strictly Come Dancing star Amy Dowden is anxiously awaiting the results of her end-of-treatment scan, she’s told ED! in an exclusive interview.

Amy, who was named Most Inspirational Celebrity in the 2023 Entertainment Daily Awards, was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year. She finished chemo six weeks ago and now faces an agonising wait to find out what’s next.

Earlier this week, Amy revealed that she’d attended her final hospital appointment before Christmas.

Amy Dowden pointing to her breast cancer pin on the red carpet
Strictly pro Amy Dowden told us she’s been open about her cancer journey to help others going through it and to raise awareness (Credit: Splash News)

Cancer treatment update

When we catch up over the phone Amy tells ED! that she’s “tired” and “in limbo” waiting for the results of her end-of-treatment scan.

“I’m tired,” she said. “I’m waiting for my results so I’m a little bit in limbo at the moment. So I’m not sure what’s next but that’s where I am at the moment, waiting for the results. I don’t know if they’ll be back before Christmas because I only had my scan last week.”

Looking back on the tough chemo side effects, Amy maintains that losing her hair was the worst thing she’s had to go through – despite having sepsis and blood clots during her treatment.

I’m not sure what’s next but that’s where I am at the moment, waiting for the results. I don’t know if they’ll be back before Christmas because I only had my scan last week.

“I think for me the toughest thing was losing my hair. I did have sepsis and that was tough, I got blood clots and that’s tough. I’m injecting myself now every day for several months. I think it’s just a combination of everything to be honest with you. You have to be mentally tough going into chemo as well,” she said.

One thing Amy is grateful for, however, is that she didn’t experience a Crohn’s flare-up during her cancer treatment. “I’ve been really lucky – it’s been all good. I’m lucky there was nothing else to worry about,” she said.

Amy Dowden on that Strictly final appearance: ‘Something I’ve waited all year for’

Speaking about her return to the dance floor for the series finale, Amy told us: “I absolutely loved it. I think it was a surprise for everybody! The feedback has been overwhelming, it’s been really, really lovely. Honestly, it was a special moment and something that I’ve waited all year for,” she said. “The atmosphere on the night was insane as it always is, absolutely insane.”

After breaking a bone in her foot, the dancer also revealed that her injury is “doing okay”. “I should have my boot off on January 4. I had the boot on during the Strictly final, that’s why I wasn’t moving and it was just arm-ography. It was amazing to be back with all the pros, though, and share the rehearsal room and the stage with them again.”

However, she refused to be drawn on if the right couple won: “I thought all three of them were winners,” she said of Layton Williams, Ellie Leach and Bobby Brazier. “It was a brilliant final.”

Amy Dowden wins Most Inspirational Celebrity at the Entertainment Daily Awards
Amy won the Most Inspirational Celebrity Award by a landslide (Credit: ED!)

Christmas plans

Amy and husband Ben Jones are heading off for Christmas on an idyllic break for some R&R with her family. She told us: “We’re going away to a lodge in Wales, just to get away. We’ve spent so much time in this house this year, we just want to get away and get some sea air. It’s the two of us and my family will come away for a bit of it as well.”

When it comes to cooking the Christmas dinner, Amy will take a backseat. She told us: “My mum and my twin sister will cook. I don’t mind doing it and it’s actually my favourite dinner to cook but my twin loves cooking. I’m not even on the clearing up duty this year, I’ll be resting up.”

And as for 2023, she’ll be pleased once it’s over. “I’ll be absolutely glad to see the back of it,” Amy told ED!. “Good riddance and on to 2024.”

So what will 2024 hold for the Strictly favourite, as well as a hopeful return to the BBC ballroom?

“Obviously it’s just going back to what I love doing – get back to work, get back dancing. I still want to raise awareness too and help others who’ve just been diagnosed. I just want to get people checking because early diagnosis can save lives.

“We don’t get mammograms in the UK until our fifties, so if you’re not checking, who is? It’s not always associated with younger women. I was always a bit naive to it before I got it. I thought it’s something I don’t really have to worry about till I’m in my fifties. So I just want to raise as much awareness as I can. If somebody starts checking and in five years, 10 years they find a symptom, then they’d know straight away to go to their GP.”

Amy’s own dance show, Dare to Dance, is also back on the BBC for a second series in the New Year. “It’s such a great series with great contributors and I can’t wait for everybody to see that,” she said.

Plus she’s also heading back to work at her dance academy. “I haven’t been able to be there for the past few months with the children because it’s too risky with my immune system. But now it’s six weeks on from chemo so I’ll be able to be more hands-on – and the kids will certainly cheer me up and keep me busy,” she giggled.

Amy Dowden without her wig wearing a pink dress with big bow
Amy bravely shared a video of herself shaving her head during chemo and walked the red carpet at the Pride of Britain Awards without her wig (Credit: Splash News)

Strictly star Amy Dowden sends message to ED! readers: ‘Thank you so much’

ED! also spoke exclusively to Amy about her win and she seemed pretty overwhelmed to hear she’d won with a massive 84% of the votes.

“Thank you so much. It’s just really so kind,” Amy said. “I’m only trying to share my story to help others. So this is for everybody else who’s suffering right now. I’m very happy knowing that the public has voted for me for this award, it means a lot. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she then added.

It wasn’t just Amy that won in the ED! Awards 2023, though. Strictly scooped Best Entertainment Show, Claudia Winkleman won Best-Loved TV Presenter and Anton Du Beke won Best Judge. “Oh wow,” Amy told us. “Brilliant. It’s a show that anybody and everybody can watch. The whole team work so hard, from on camera to behind the camera and I think everyone will just be so grateful to have won.

“It’s a real team effort and I’m really proud to be part of the magic.”

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For more on the symptoms of breast cancer and support, visit the CoppaFeel! website here. For more on the work of Crohn’s & Colitis UK, visit the website here.

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