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Emmerdale: As Belle Dingle says ‘I do’ to controlling Tom King – five other couples who never should have got married!

These couples really should have said 'I don't!'

Emmerdale is full of mismatched couples and right now it’s all about Belle Dingle walking down the aisle with creepy, controlling Tom King.

As the wedding approaches, Belle’s busy ignoring the many, MANY red flags her future husband is waving from making all the arrangements for their big day on his own, sarky comments about her dress, and even refusing to have the reception in the Woolpack.

We’re pretty confident this marriage is going to end in tears.

And it won’t be the first one to hit the rocks in Emmerdale.

Here are five more couples we reckon should NEVER have tied the knot.

Emmerdale's Nate and Tracy are getting married by Charles in the church
Nate and Tracy had a surprise wedding (Credit: ITV)

Tracy Metcalfe and Nate Robinson

Tracy and Nate were quite cute at first and when they welcomed baby Frankie they even weathered the storm of Tracy’s crippling post-natal depression. But then Nate had a one-night stand out of the blue and the romance fell apart. Tracy went off to start a new life without her man and even met someone else.

Until she and Nate rekindled their relationship secretly and got married! Clearly this was an enormous mistake though, because they’ve not even made it to their first anniversary and Tracy’s already embarked on a torrid affair with Nate’s Uncle Caleb and called time on the whole thing.

Rhona and Pierce say their wedding vows
Rhona walked down the aisle with Pierce but it ended in tears (Credit: ITV/ Shutterstock)

Rhona Goskirk and Pierce Harris

Remember when Rhona and Paddy were married and he cheated on her with Leo’s classroom assistant, Tess Harris? And then Tess died and the whole thing got really complicated when, after Rhona and Paddy split, she got together with Tess’s ex-husband, Pierce.

Hmm, yes, that didn’t sound like a wise plan from the start, did it?

And Pierce soon showed his true abusive colours. In a horrific twist to the story, he raped Rhona on their wedding day. Pierce then showed up again, killed Rhona’s new fella Graham Foster and kidnapped her best friend Vanessa, but Rhona managed to outwit him – phew – and he was banged up, where he died.

Bernice looks cross at husband Lawrence
Bernice and Lawrence’s marriage was doomed from the start (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Bernice Blackstock and Lawrence White

On paper, Bernice and Lawrence’s relationship seemed the ideal arrangement. Yes, Lawrence was struggling with his sexuality, and yes Bernice didn’t love him, but it worked for them both. Well, that’s what they told themselves. In reality, Bernice was enjoying a super steamy affair with Andy Sugden.

When she found out the truth about Lawrence, thanks to his old flame Ronnie, Bernice stole a digger and destroyed The Mill. You know what they say about a woman scorned!

Dan Spencer proposes to Chas Dingle as Carl King watches
Chas said yes to Dan’s proposal (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Chas Dingle and Dan Spencer

We reckon this has to be Emmerdale’s shortest marriage. Chas tied the knot with Dan Spencer after a whirlwind romance. She was on the rebound after splitting from her secret lover, Cameron Murray – who was with Debbie Dingle at the time. Chas and Dan got married but Chas’s heart wasn’t in it.

Meanwhile, her evil ex, Carl King, was out for revenge and was growing increasingly obsessed with Chas. He found photos on Chas’s phone of her and Cameron and vowed to tell Debbie everything unless Chas and Cameron coughed up. Then he did an about turn and begged Chas to run away with him. On Chas’s wedding day, she agreed to leave with Carl – while planning to escape alone.

She almost got away with it, but Carl stopped her and then attempted to rape her. Chas whacked him over the head and thought she’d killed him – in fact, she even went to prison for a while. But it turned out the real killer was Cameron. Not surprisingly, Chas’s marriage to Dan didn’t last!

Yes, they were dressed like the A Team. No, they shouldn’t have got married (Credit: ITV)

Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd

We chose Mack, but Charity’s got a LOT of failed marriages under her belt and frankly we could just as easily have chosen Charity and Jai, or Charity and Chris Tate, or Charity and Tom King! Anyway, Charity’s latest husband is Mackenzie Boyd and we’re not sure there’s ever been a more toxic relationship. Their ‘romance’ began when Charity was missing girlfriend Vanessa, which was bad enough.

Then there was the whole business with Mack sleeping with Chloe and getting her pregnant. Baby Reuben was born on Charity’s wedding day – which, by the way, meant she and Mack tied the knot dressed as members of the A Team. They split up, Mack got engaged to Chloe, and Charity slept with Caleb -who’s not her brother or even her cousin, but sort of feels like he is.

Then there was a car accident, where Mack saved Charity instead of Chloe, and a kidnap, which left Chloe’s dad Harry shot dead at the hands of Charity, and Mack agreeing never to see Reuben again in order to stop Charity going to jail. Still with us? Now Charity’s got PTSD after the shooting and Mack’s off nicking cars with Aaron. This is definitely one marriage that NEVER should have happened!

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