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Emmerdale spoilers for next week: First look as Tom’s controlling behaviour gets more concerning as he marries Belle

Is she making the right decision leaving the Dingle name behind?

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Tom manipulates Belle before the wedding. As he throws his toys out of the pram over her decision not to take his name, will Belle realise her future husband might not be Mr Nice Guy after all?

Meanwhile, Ruby has found out who Tracy’s been seeing. And she decides to reveal all at the wedding reception. How will the announcement go down?

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

Emmerdale spoilers

1. Tom calls the wedding off

Tom is annoyed that Belle doesn’t want to take his surname, despite her reasonable explanation. As Tom makes his feelings perfectly clear, Belle finds herself agreeing to change her name to please him.

Belle talking to Tom on Emmerdale

As the big day draws nearer, Belle is upset that neither of her parents will be at the wedding. She talks about cancelling until her dad is well enough, but Tom is hurt by the suggestion.

Belle talking to Tom on Emmerdale

He reminds her that neither of his parents will be there either and storms off in a mood. Belle is left with no idea whether the wedding is going ahead as he then ignores her calls.

2. The wedding is on!

On the morning of the wedding Belle still doesn’t know if she will become Mrs King before the end of the day. As she gets ready with Mandy and Lydia they try to rally her along, but Belle is worried and she can’t hide it.

Eventually, after a talking to from Jimmy, Tom messages Belle and the ceremony is on. They both arrive at the church ready to say ‘I do’.

3. Sam makes it to the church

As everyone arrives at the church, there’s still no sign of Sam who has been visiting Zak. In the nick of time, he arrives suited and booted and ready to go.

Sam has brought a letter from Belle’s mum, Lisa, with him. He hands it to Belle outside the church and she decides to read it later as she becomes emotional about her big day.

4. Belle and Tom get married

Sam walks Belle down the aisle to give her away. The ceremony begins and Belle beams with happiness.

Tom and Belle Dingle getting married on Emmerdale

Meanwhile, Tom is getting more and more frustrated with the Dingles odd ways. Will he hide his annoyance from Belle?

After a couple of minor hiccups, the couple exchange vows. They are finally pronounced husband and wife.

As the families gather to celebrate in style, the Dingle traditions begin to grate on Tom. It’s not long before he’s left absolutely fuming that Belle’s wild bunch has ruined their day…

5. Caleb and Tracy busted

Caleb and Ruby are out together and Tracy spots them. She acts as if it means nothing, but secretly she’s hurt. Meanwhile, Ruby asks Nicky’s advice on how to win back his dad.

Caleb talking to Tracy on Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Caleb and Tracy meet on Main Street and exchange a few words. Can they really continue to fight their feelings?

Ruby looking shady on Emmerdale

Ruby spots them and hides as she witnesses the interaction. She looks vengeful, but is keeping her plans close to her chest. What will she do?

6. Ruby reveals all

At Belle and Tom’s wedding reception, Ruby deliberately creates an awkward atmosphere. She wants to cause trouble.

Ruby at Belle and Tom's wedding reception on Emmerdale

Soon enough, Ruby interrupts the reception to announce Caleb and Tracy have been having an affair. How will the wedding party react? And will Nate ever forgive the betrayal?

7. Liam and Ella hit it off

Ella is settling in to her job at the surgery. Liam in particular is being very helpful and attentive. Wendy soon spots a spark between them, but is it the real deal? And will they act on it?

8. Mary helps Suzy

Mary and Suzy on Emmerdale

Suzy is really stressed as the sophisticated wedding descends into Dingle chaos. Mary steps in and offers to help, which leaves Suzy very grateful.

9. Ella supports Dawn

Dawn is struggling with the demands of three children. She’s exhausted. When she then breastfeeds in the pub, Bear is supportive.

Ella sees Dawn is struggling and steps in to help her. Will it be enough to give Dawn the confidence she needs?

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