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Emmerdale fans predict ‘who killed Amit’ storyline as villainous scheme revealed

Amit makes a plan...

Fans of Emmerdale have predicted that a whodunnit-style story could be in the soap’s future as it revealed its plans for Amit Sharma.

The biological father of Jai and Suni, Amit recently arrived in the village following brother Rishi’s death. It was later revealed that Amit was actually responsible for Rishi’s fatal fall – with Rishi tumbling down the stairs during a brief struggle between the pair.

It remains unclear whether Amit deliberately killed Rishi; although he claims it was an accident, he admitted last week that Rishi’s death had been good for his wallet.

And an upcoming storyline could see Amit continue to manipulate the residents of Emmerdale for his own purpose – with Eric Pollard firmly in his sights.

Pollard looks sad in his car on Emmerdale
Will Amit choose to take advantage of vulnerable Pollard? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Amit targets Eric Pollard?

Spoilers by DigitalSpy have revealed that Amit takes an interest when he learns that Pollard has a considerable amount of money stashed away. Amit then attempts to cosy up to Pollard with a business opportunity.

But does Amit plan on taking advantage of Pollard amid his Parkinson’s diagnosis?

Amit looking serious on Emmerdale
Amit is already beginning to grate on audiences (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans predict Amit to be killed… but by who?

Reacting to the news on Reddit, a number of fans wondered whether Amit’s scheming could ultimately lead to his death.

“Any bets on there being a ‘Who killed Amit’ storyline in the near future?” asked one fan.

“1000% we’re going to get a who killed Amit storyline, and I’ll put money on it being this year,” said another.

Rishi dead on Emmerdale
Amit was responsible for Rishi’s death (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, others bemoaned the rise of another Emmerdale villain; with many echoing an unhappiness that he had replaced the ‘lovely’ Rishi.

“Ugh! I can’t stand Amit! Scumbag!” a third wrote in the same thread.

“Lovely, kind Rishi was killed off for this nonsense. Another villain character, just what Emmerdale needs,” someone else commented.

Are you hoping the soap gets rid of Amit sooner rather than later?

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Amit Bares A Huge Secret | Emmerdale

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