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Emmerdale: Lydia’s storyline is making fans furious as they say soap ‘should be ashamed’

Some feel that the soap has undermined its previous handling of the story

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Fans of Emmerdale have been left furious at the ‘pathetic’ handling of Lydia Dingle’s storyline, in the wake of rapist Craig’s death.

Recent weeks have seen Lydia attempt to come to terms with her rapist’s death, even launching an investigation into his apparent murder.

Lydia and Kim talk on Emmerdale
Kim told Lydia the truth about what happened to Craig (Credit: ITV)

Kim Tate reveals the truth about Craig’s death

In last night’s episode of the soap (Thursday, November 8), Kim came clean to Lydia that she was there when Craig was killed.

Craig’s death was an inadvertent one – with Kim’s spooked horse kicking him in the head as he reached out for help.

This came after Sam and Cain kidnapped Craig, leaving him broken and bloodied when Kim and her horse stumbled upon the scene.

As Kim ignored his cries for help, Craig had tried to stop her by grabbing her horse. It was then that the horse kicked Craig in the head, killing him.

Still, after learning what Kim had done, furious Lydia kicked her out of the house.

Lydia talking to Sam on Emmerdale
Fans aren’t happy with Lydia’s story (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans left furious at writers’ handling of Lydia Dingle’s story

As these scenes aired, Emmerdale fans slammed the trajectory of Lydia’s story – with many claiming that it had undermined the previous sensitive handling of the topic.

Writing on Twitter (now X), a number of fans shared their dissatisfaction with Lydia’s development.

“Was Emmerdale’s purpose for everyone to hate the once loved Lydia? If I was the actress I would question their motives. Because surely you can’t agree to what is happening on screen,” one fan said.

“The whole handling of Lydia’s storyline has been shocking and goes much further than them turning it into sensationalism like they did,” another agreed.

How pathetic did Emmerdale make this rape storyline for Lydia?

“WTF is this writing in tonight’s episode? Making out like Lydia loved and cared for creepy Craig when she was the one that was raped! Emmerdale should be ashamed of themselves!!!” exclaimed a third.

“How pathetic did Emmerdale make this rape storyline for Lydia?” another asked.

How do you feel about recent developments on the soap?

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Kim Tells Lydia How Craig Died | Emmerdale

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