Coronation Street spoilers comp image: Adam, Tommy, Tracy and Bethany

Coronation Street spoilers for next week: First look as Adam’s plan takes shape

Is he going the same way as his dad, Peter Barlow?

Coronation Street spoilers for next week Adam is furious over Sarah and Damon’s plans and goes full steam ahead with his own plot to get rid of Damon.

Also, Bethany presses for information on what happened between Daniel, Daisy and Ryan as it becomes clear what she is plotting.

Meanwhile, Tracy and Tommy snatch their last moments together, but will Steve catch them?

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

Coronation Street spoilers

1. Simon spirals out of control

Simon arrives for work very hungover. Nick points out he’s actually still drunk and sends him home. Instead Simon heads to the Rovers and orders another pint.

When he’s still hungover the next day, Leanne covers for him with Nick, but is concerned by how much Simon is drinking. But when Bobby throws a party, Simon heads over and gets wasted again.

2. Damon moves in

It’s Sarah’s birthday and Adam is hurt when he spots her and Damon moving his things into the flat. He is determined to get rid of Damon and consults Joel and Dee-Dee about how to get his mystery client off a firearms charge.

Sarah talking to Adam on Corrie

Adam later tells Sarah he wants the flat sold as part of the divorce as he doesn’t want Damon living in what used to be his home.

3. Adam plays dirty

Adam tells Harvey the only way to get him off for Natasha’s death is if the murder is pinned on someone else. Harvey tells him a man called John Perry is willing to confess to the killing.

Adam talking to a cancer patient on Corrie

Adam then tracks down John Perry to Weatherfield General where he is horrified to learn John is a cancer patient. Can he really go through with this just to get rid of Damon?

4. Steve catches Tracy and Tommy?

With Steve due home tomorrow, Tracy calls Tommy to the flower shop with his invoice as a rouse to spend time together. But she soon turns the sign to ‘closed’ and pulls him in for a kiss.

But suddenly Steve is knocking on the door. He’s returned home early and set up a French buffet for her to put the spark back into their marriage.

He shouts that he knows she’s in there and Tracy comes to the door to unlock it. Steve’s stunned to see Tommy behind her, but will he figure out what’s been going on?

More Coronation Street spoilers

5. Bethany’s plan

Bethany asks Daniel for info about Daisy and Justin, before he refuses to talk about it. She then pumps Lauren for information and Lauren’s only too happy to gossip away. She has no idea Bethany is sneakily recording their conversation.

6. Joel sent into a spin

Joel looks worried as he talks to Dee-Dee's client and a mystery woman on Corrie

Dee-Dee is snowed under with work so Joel offers to meet a new client for her and take notes. they meet in the bistro, but they’re soon interrupted by the arrival of a woman called Emily. She’s clearly angry and it sends Joel into a panic. Who is Emily and why has she had such an affect on Joel?

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