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Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Liam confronts Aaron over his lies

Chas is close to finding out the truth

Emmerdale spoilers for tonight reveal there is tension between Liam and Aaron after a confrontation over Aaron’s lies. How will it resolve itself?

Elsewhere in Emmerdale, Moira is upset for Matty and Caleb has a decision to make. Plus, where is Amit?

Emmerdale spoilers

Aaron doesn’t take kindly to Liam’s interference (Credit: ITV)

Liam confronts Aaron

As a doctor Liam knows Aaron’s test results for the faulty BRAC2 gene were positive. However, unable to tell his mum the truth as he watches her deal with her own breast cancer treatment, Aaron lied he was negative.

Liam isn’t comfortable given how close he is to Chas. Although doctor/patient confidentiality means he has to keep Aaron’s secret, he lets it be known he’s not happy.

As the men share a heated confrontation about Aaron’s lies, will Liam convince him to do the right thing and come clean to Chas?

Claudette ruined Matty’s excitement (Credit: ITV)

Moira worries for Matty in Emmerdale spoilers

Matty and Amy’s exciting wedding plans were destroyed after Claudette’s insensitive comments. They had wanted to get married in the village hall, but when Claudette found out Matty was trans she banned it on the grounds it was church property and two ‘women’ can’t get married.

Matty said he was fine with Claudette’s comments and they hadn’t bothered him, but it was clear they had when he later told Amy he didn’t want a big wedding. Despite the fact they were able to get lots of freebies because he is trans, he insisted he didn’t want to become a poster boy and just wanted to be himself.

Amy let him know she was okay with it, but secretly it was clear she was disappointed.

Tonight, Moira is heartbroken for her son over what Claudette has said and how it has made him feel. Will she act to make Claudette see sense?

Caleb makes a decision

It’s decision time for Caleb, but what will he do? And will he make the right choice?

Emmerdale's Amit looks sinister
What has Jai done? (Credit: ITV)

Where is Amit?

Last night (Thursday March 28) saw Jai confront Amit over Rishi’s death. On learning the truth, Jai pushed Amit down the stairs and then tortured him a bit more.

As Amit offered to go the police and confess, Jai didn’t feel he could trust him. But where is he now?

The last time we saw Amit he was lying at the bottom of the stairs, in the same spot Rishi died with Jai looming over him. Then we saw Jai cleaning blood off the floor and lying to Laurel he was stuck at work. Jai wheeled a suitcase out of the house and there was no sign of Amit. So what has happened to him? Is he dead?

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