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Does Mackenzie die in Emmerdale? Fan predicts exit for Mack after Charity stabbing

Charity hallucinated Harry and stabbed her husband by mistake

Emmerdale aired scenes in which Charity stabbed Mackenzie last night and it’s left fans questioning: does he die?

After he went into surgery to repair damage to his bowel, Mack remains unconscious and his fate is unknown. Charity, meanwhile, is behind bars and clearly not well at all.

So will Mack survive this latest stint in hospital? Or is Charity headed to prison for the attack?

Mack looking worried on Emmerdale
Mack’s fate is currently unknown (Credit: ITV)

Does Mackenzie die in Emmerdale?

Last night in Emmerdale (Thursday February 22), Charity continued to struggle following Harry’s death at Christmas. She can’t sleep and is having nightmares about him when she does drop off. Loud noises are triggering to her and she’s on the edge all the time.

Despite trying to take her power back on Wednesday and trashing his grave, Charity’s nightmare’s continued. So far only Moira has pieced together exactly what’s been wrong, but Charity has lied to her she’s got it under control.

On Thursday Liam started to put the puzzle pieces together and Mack decided to go home and talk to his wife about getting help. But as he tried to wake her from a fitful sleep, she hallucinated it was Harry and stabbed Mack. In a state of shock, she then failed to call an ambulance. Moira arrived to find her brother unconscious on the floor.

Mackenzie was taken to hospital, while Charity was taken away in handcuffs. By the end of the episode, Charity remained behind bars and Mack remained unconscious after the blade damaged his bowel.

The drama continues tonight as we are set to find out Mack’s fate. However, Emmerdale has not released any further details on whether he will survive.

One fan writing on X, is sure they spotted a clue that Mack will die.

“Think about the final words Mack and Charity had: ‘Sweet dreams I love you’. Should we take this as a big hint that Mack will NOT survive and will be killed off?” they questioned. 

One wasn’t happy at this suggestion: “If Mack dies I’m never watching this drivel again,” they wrote. 

Someone else was pretty sure he would be okay: “They’ll hardly kill of Mack will they?” they said.

Charity looks shocked as she talks to Mack on Emmerdale
Charity is behind bars following the attack (Credit: ITV)

Is Charity leaving Emmerdale?

As Mack’s fate remains unknown so too does Charity’s.

Viewers – and Moira – know that she has been struggling with PTSD since Harry’s death but no one else has really figured it out. Mack knows she’s been acting strangely and not sleeping and her outburst in the surgery on Wednesday say Ella and Liam realise something wasn’t quite right.

However, it’s taken Mackenzie being stabbed and near-death for everyone to realise just how low she’d become.

Will the police realise she needs medical help? Or will she be charged with attempted murder? Is Charity leaving Emmerdale as she goes to prison for stabbing Mack?

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