Emmerdale's Charity, and in a bubble is Mack

Emmerdale: Emma Atkins details how PTSD causes Charity to leave Mack ‘gravely injured’ in attack

Charity harms her husband

In Emmerdale spoilers next week, Charity Dingle’s PTSD causes her to to lash out at Mack and attack him with a weapon at night.

Mack’s then left fighting for his life as his wife puts him at great risk, obtaining serious injuries.

Emma Atkins has now spoken out about the moment Charity puts Mack’s life on the line.

Charity looks shocked as she talks to Mack on Emmerdale
Charity’s PTSD causes her to grab a weapon (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Charity attacks Mack

Next week, Charity visits Harry’s grave but is unable to keep a hold of her emotions as she trashes his grave.

Having visions of Harry and after waking up from horrific nightmares, Charity draws the attentions of Liam. He’s concerned for her wellbeing.

Putting up a front, Charity tries to act fine but soon starts to become paranoid with thoughts of Harry again.

In the night, Charity grabs a weapon in an act of self-defence but her mind plays tricks on her and she soon ends up injuring Mack.

With Mack being seriously injured, Charity’s actions put her husband’s life at risk. But, will Mack survive? And, can Charity get help for her PTSD?

Emmerdale's Emma Atkins
Emma Atkins has explained how the moment occurs (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale star Emma Atkins explains how Mack is ‘gravely injured’

Speaking about Charity’s experience with PTSD and how this results in her attack on Mack, Emma Atkins explained: “She’s suffering from what I can only describe as severe sleep deprivation.”

She then added: “Everything feels hyper. She’s hypervigilant, she’s hyperalert. Her vulnerability levels are through the roof. She’s scared of everything and so she lies there trying to sleep and when she finally falls asleep she suffers night terrors which are really disturbing. She’s seeing Harry and she’s hearing and seeing the gun go off. It’s creating this awful sense of fear that she’s never experienced before.

“When she finally falls asleep she’s disturbed from the noise of a car and then a bin being knocked over and when she hears this she assumes Harry or Harry’s gang is coming for her. She fears vengeance will be done. She’s constantly locking the doors and when she falls asleep on the sofa, she gets woken up by the car and she runs to the drawer to find any kind of self defence. Her mind plays tricks on her and Mackenzie lets himself into the house and she’s having a night terror and he walks round the sofa, realises that she’s dreaming and gently touches her leg. Charity immediately lashes out thinking it’s something more sinister when in actual fact it’s just Mackenzie. And this is when all hell breaks loose and she lashes out at him leaving him gravely injured…”

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Charity Has A Panic Attack | Emmerdale

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