Roy looks angry on Coronation Street; inset, Lauren looking scared (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street fans joke that Roy Cropper could turn killer amid Lauren’s disappearance

'Lauren is in Roy's chest freezer,' reckons one fan

Some fans of Coronation Street have been joking that the mystery of Lauren Bolton’s disappearance may have a shocking twist to the tale… with Roy Cropper revealed as her killer.

This follows recent events on the soap – in which Lauren appeared to have ‘disappeared’ after being sacked by Roy. Pal Bobby discovered that Lauren was missing after visiting her flat – only to find the door open and Lauren gone.

Lauren looks worried on Coronation Street
Lauren disappeared after being sacked by Roy (Credit: ITV)

Bobby and Craig investigate as Lauren disappears

In last night’s episode (airing Monday, February 27), Bobby reported Lauren missing to the police. Craig then investigated, paying Roy a visit with a few questions.

But where is Lauren?

Roy talks to Lauren on Coronation Street
Fans have joked that Roy may be behind Lauren’s Gone Girl act (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans joke about ‘killer’ Roy

Some fans have joked that the normally sweet and kind Roy Cropper may have snapped and done away with Lauren.

“That Roy must have something to do with blondie’s disappearance. He’s long overdue a spell in prison. It’s the #Corrie way of life,” said one fan.

“Lauren is in Roy’s chest freezer,” joked another.

“You’ve killed her Roy,” accused a third.

Lauren talking to Roy on Corrie
Roy was the last person to see Lauren before she went missing (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Roy to take the blame for Lauren’s disappearance?

Fans may joke, but Lauren’s disappearance could have very real repercussions for Roy. Indeed, with Craig and the police taking an interest, and Roy being the last person to see Lauren, he could seriously be in the frame.

“I think Roy will get accused of Lauren’s disappearance as he was the last person to see her…” one fan suggested, altogether more seriously.

And Coronation Street spoilers for next week seem to back up this fact, as Bobby begins to question whether Roy might know more than he’s letting on.

Where has Lauren gone – and what does her missing person’s act mean for poor Roy?

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Bobby’s Worried That Lauren's Missing And Goes To The Police | Coronation Street

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