Composite image of Roy and Craig on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Roy leaves Coronation Street fans in stitches amid ‘perfect Craig-shade’

Roy doesn't have much respect for the law

Fans of Coronation Street were left in stitches last night, after copper Craig Tinker paid Roy Cropper a visit regarding Lauren Bolton’s mystery disappearance.

This came as worried Bobby reported his friend missing and Craig promised to investigate.

Lauren disappeared last week, after being sacked by Roy. Paying her flat a visit, Bobby discovered the door unlocked and Lauren gone. He reported his concerns to Craig, who duly took to the streets of Weatherfield.

Bobby talks to Craig on Corrie
Worried Bobby asked Craig to look into Lauren’s disappearance (Credit: ITV)

Officer Craig does the rounds as Bobby reports Lauren missing

Craig popped around to see Roy, but Roy’s unimpressed reaction left fans thoroughly amused. Recounting Craig’s visit to Carla and Bobby afterwards, Roy was quick to let them know of his opinion on PC Craig Tinker.

“I’ve had a visit from the police,” Roy told them both. Then, when they seemed shocked, he clarified: “Well, Craig.”

This led some to believe that Roy doesn’t consider Craig to be ‘real’ police officer material.

Roy looking at a doll while Lauren watches on Corrie
Roy was the last person to see Lauren prior to her disappearance (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans in stitches as Roy ‘shades’ PC Craig

Writing on X as the episode aired, a number of Corrie fans shared their amusement at Roy’s apparent lack of respect for the law… well, Craig.

“Perfect Craig-shade from Roy,” observed one viewer.

“Yeah Roy, I wouldn’t count him as proper police either,” another said.

“Even Roy doesn’t rate Craig Tinker as a copper,” laughed a third.

“Love how Roy and Carla clearly think Craig is a joke of a policeman. The look they both gave each other then. Can just imagine them both slagging him off,” another agreed.

Do Bobby and Craig have any hope of finding Lauren? And where has she gone anyway?

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Lauren Suddenly Leaves Weatherfield | Coronation Street

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