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13 Coronation Street spoilers for next week including an exit, a hidden camera and a lie exposed

Steve tries to hide his hurt

Coronation Street spoilers for next week include a possible exit for Tracy, Maria installing a spy camera at home and Jenny and Daisy exposed to Carla. How will she react?

Here are 13 huge spoilers for what’s coming up in Coronation Street next week.

Steve reads a letter from Tommy on Corrie
Will Steve come clean about what he knows? (Credit: ITV)

1. Steve reads Tommy’s letter

Steve is in possession of a letter from Tommy O to Tracy. He reads it before handing it over and finds out that he’s inviting Tracy to move to Spain with him.

Steve decides to hide it rather than giving it to Tracy.

2. Tracy has regrets

As Tracy has lunch with Amy in the bistro, she admits she misses having a man in her life. She makes a big decision and heads home to wait for Steve.

He’s shocked to find her there and even more shocked by what she tells him…

Tracy talks to Steve on Corrie
Tracy’s back and Steve’s delighted! (Credit: ITV)

3. Tracy and Steve get back together

Assuring Steve Tommy was a silly mistake, she asks if they can give their marriage another go. She promises she’s back for good and elated Steve heads out for a celebratory bottle of wine. He doesn’t notice Tracy is not exactly buzzing with excitement as he leaves.

Dev refuses to serve Steve when he finds out about the reunion, so the couple head to the pub instead. However, Steve hangs back to burn Tommy’s letter.

Steve reads his paper as the Barlows say goodbye to Tracy on Corrie
Is this really goodbye? (Credit: ITV)

4. Tracy leaves in Coronation Street spoilers?

It’s not long though before Tracy knows the truth and decides to go to Spain with Tommy O. Ken throws a leaving party for her in the Rovers and they all toast her new life in Spain.

However, Steve is trying to keep a brave face on things and storms into the pub with his newspaper. Amy feels for her dad, but will Tracy really leave?

She’s not exactly being subtle! (Credit: ITV)

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5. Daisy goes on a spending spree

Tim drops Daisy off in his taxi and she has lots of shopping bags. Bethany and Daniel see her and Bethany comments how much money she must have spent.

Daisy snaps back that it’s all from charity shops in posh Alderly Edge. However later Bethany overhears Jenny telling Daisy off for splashing the cash, insisting they need to keep a low profile with their money.

Bethany looks through Daisy's things on Corrie
Super journalist Bethany is on the case in Coronation Street spoilers (Credit: ITV)

6. Bethany hunts for evidence

When she finds out from Tim that Daisy was in Manchester City Centre not Alderly Edge, Bethany is on a mission. She offers to help Daisy with an apple pie and purposely burns it.

Daisy heads out for another one and Bethany seizes her chance to rifle through her belongings. Soon she stuffs Stephen’s journal in her bag. As she closes in on the truth, what will she discover?

Carla and Jenny sit outside on Corrie
Jenny is busted (Credit: ITV)

7. Carla confronts Jenny in Coronation Street spoilers

After Bethany’s accusations, Carla is suspicious. When Daisy flaunts her new designer bag in the Rovers, Jenny tears a strip of her – but doesn’t realise she’s been caught on the karaoke machine microphone.

Carla overhears and realises something is going on. She confronts Jenny who’s upset outside and Jenny cracks, admitting everything. How will Carla react?

8. Maria returns to work

David tells Maria she has to return to work or else Audrey will be forced to replace her. Maria knows she needs her job and the money, but worries about leaving Liam.

Maria then comes up with a plan to make her feel safer…

Maria’s hidden camera could be making things worse (Credit: ITV)

9. Coronation Street spoilers: Maria’s camera causes a meltdown

As Maria works on a bride at the salon, she has left Gary to homeschool Liam. But she doesn’t trust anyone with Liam apart from herself, so she has installed a camera in the flat to watch their every move.

As Maria keeps checking her phone during the appointment to spy on them, she’s more and more distracted.

When she spots Liam go into the bathroom and not come out for a long time, she panics, grabs her bag and rushes off. Has Maria jeopardised her job?


ED Coronation Street WhatsApp call to action advert

10. Mason catches Dylan

Dylan and Violet return for Mason’s trial. Dylan is pleased to see a girl from his old class in the bistro and she invites him to join her for an ice cream later.

As Dylan heads to the precinct he realises it was a trick when he sees Mason waiting for him. Will Dylan be okay?

Bernie and David defend Roy (Credit: ITV)

11. Roy makes a mistake

As Dee-Dee confides in Alya and Adam the evidence against Roy is not looking good, he makes things worse by calling Lauren’s mum. He offers his sympathy in a message.

Meanwhile, a customer in the cafe makes jibes about his part in Lauren’s disappearance and David and Bernie come to Roy’s defence. As he starts to realise the severity of the situation is there any way out for Roy?

Gemma is not happy (Credit: ITV)

12. Chesney’s grand gesture falls flat

As Linda arrives to take Joseph for his uniform fitting, Chesney insists he’s paying for it. Gemma is horrified, knowing they can’t afford it.

Dev comes up with an idea to get the money, but will it appease Gemma?

Ed’s blown it with Aggie (Credit: ITV)

13. Ed in big trouble in Coronation Street spoilers

Dee-Dee and Michael look at a final demand letter for Ed and are shocked to realise how much their dad still owes.

When Ed returns from Birmingham he reveals Aggie has ended their marriage and isn’t coming home. Michael comforts him and hides the letter, but how will they pay this bill?

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