Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle looking serious

Meghan Markle ‘regrets’ launching lifestyle brand amid Kate diagnosis: ‘She’d hate to be called heartless’

Meghan launched her brand last month

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Meghan Markle recently launched her new brand – but she is said to be “regretting” the decision following the news of Kate Middleton battling cancer.

The Princess of Wales shared her cancer diagnosis in a video message last month. Kate admitted her diagnosis following abdominal surgery in January came as a “huge shock”.

Now, Meghan, who recently announced a new business venture – an online shop called American Riviera Orchard – reportedly doesn’t want to be called “heartless” over launching the new brand.

Kate Middleton speaking in her cancer video
Kate revealed her cancer diagnosis last month (Credit: BBC)

Meghan Markle launches new brand amid Kate Middleton cancer battle

In March, Meghan took the world by surprise when she launched a new lifestyle brand. Currently, the brand’s website and Instagram are both mysteriously empty.

Meghan only shared a brief clip of herself in a kitchen baking and arranging flowers via a Story post earlier in March. But it has recently been claimed that Meghan’s online store will sell all sorts, including fragrances, skin care products, dog grooming products and even chicken feed.

However, it’s been alleged that Meghan “regrets” launching her new brand amid sister-in-law Kate’s cancer news – but the American former actress “has no choice”.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle smiling while walking
Meghan reportedly ‘regrets’ launching her brand (Credit: Splash News)

Harry and Meghan ‘knocked for six’ over Kate Middleton cancer

Speaking to Heat, a source claimed how Kate’s cancer news “knocked” Meghan and Harry “for six”. The insider alleged: “They’re both extremely concerned for her wellbeing and wish relations were better, so they could visit.”

The source also claimed that if Meghan had “known the full story” about Kate she would have waited to launch American Riviera Orchard.

Meghan ‘doesn’t want to be called heartless’

Meghan doesn’t want to be seen as insensitive or overly ambitious when her sister-in-law is in the middle of a crisis,” the insider alleged.

They went on to claim how at the same time, Meghan reportedly “doesn’t want to miss any big opportunities.”

The insider claimed: “She’d really hate to be called heartless, and doesn’t want to be seen as insensitive by going ahead with her plans, but she may not have much choice.”

Entertainment Daily! UK has contacted reps for the Sussexes for comment.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle looking serious
Meghan Markle reportedly doesn’t want to be seen as ‘heartless’ (Credit: Splash News)

Harry and Meghan reach out to Kate Middleton

When Kate shared her cancer news in a video message, Harry and Meghan sent their well wishes to her. A statement from them read: “We wish health and healing for Kate and the family. And hope they are able to do so privately and in peace.”

Reports then claimed that Harry and Meghan found out about Kate’s diagnosis at the same time as the world. A New York Post source reportedly said: “They had no idea. And only learned of the news around the same time the rest of the world found out.”

Meghan Markle new business

It comes after reports suggest the Duchess is reportedly “losing sleep” over the new business venture amid fears it could be a “disaster”.

“If it works out it’ll be brilliant, but if it doesn’t, she knows full well it’s disaster time. Not just because of all the money and time they’ve poured into it. Their whole brand and reputation is on the line here,” a source claimed to Closer.

“It’s no wonder she’s losing sleep over this and working her fingers to the bone. She’s been saying she can’t let this fail. It’s important for her and Harry’s status in the US.”


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