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‘Worst set of contestants but the best set of tweets ever’: Marvel in these 12 putdowns from The Chase last night

They didn't do very well

The Chase fans were not happy with the quality of contestants during yesterday’s edition of the show (Monday, January 29).

Viewers took to Twitter to slam the “worst contestants ever”, as they branded yesterday’s episode “forgettable”.

The Chase contestants (Credit: ITV)
Zahir, Hannah, Corinne, and Morgan were on the show (Credit: ITV)

What happened on The Chase yesterday?

Yesterday’s episode of The Chase saw another four contestants go up against Anne Hegerty in the hope of winning a big money prize.

First up was Morgan. He answered five questions correctly in the cash builder, racking up £5,000. He went for the high offer of £30,000, however, was caught by Anne.

Corinne was up next. She too picked up £5,000 in the cash builder – and managed to avoid Anne Hegerty, bringing the money back to the table.

Hannah was third up and racked up £3,000 in the cash builder. However, she went for the low offer of £1,000. It proved the right move as she evaded Anne.

Last up was Zahir. He also won £5,000 in the cash builder. Unfortunately, he was caught.

This meant that Hannah and Corinne headed into the Final Chase with £6,000 to play for.

Anne Hegerty on The Chase
Anne caught the contestants (Credit: ITV)

What happened next?

Corinne and Hannah only managed to answer 12 questions between them in the Final Chase.

It didn’t really strike fear into the heart of Anne, that’s for sure.

The Governess managed to catch up with them with 39 seconds remaining, despite Hannah and Corinne having a couple of opportunities to push her back.

After the game was up, Brad told them that they ideally needed a “full house” of contestants to take on Anne when she’s in the form she is.

The Chase contestants (Credit: ITV)
The contestants were slammed (Credit: ITV)

The Chase fans slam ‘worst contestants ever’

Fans were merciless on Twitter, branding this batch of contestants the “worst contestants ever”.

“Worst contestants I’ve seen in a while,” one fan tweeted.

“One of the worst set of contestants but the best set of tweets ever,” another said. “The most forgettable chase show ever,” a third wrote.

“These contestants on the chase tonight are absolute w***,” another tweeted.

“Oh God they did so s***,” a fifth said. “Dont even need to watch the end of #TheChase do I [cross emoji],” another sarcastically wrote. 

“Chaser in good form? Hardly needs to be to get 12 does she?” another fan tweeted. “Wow. How bad are these?” yet another viewer wrote.

“I think Anne would retire if she got beat by these two,” another said.

“My staircase just got more than twelve ffs,” a viewer snarked. “Well done. 12 for 2,” another fan said, adding a gif of Will from the Inbetweeners saying “Well, that was f****** dreadful”.

“That was s****, ladies. Absolute s****,” another said.

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The Chase airs on weekdays from 5pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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