Darragh Ennis on The Chase

The Chase star Darragh Ennis hits out at ‘damaging’ trolls after having a ‘bad few minutes’ on the show

Darragh had a show to forget

The Chase star Darragh Ennis took to Twitter to slam trolls following last night’s (Tuesday, January 9) edition of the show.

The Irish chaser wasn’t happy with some of the criticism he received for his performance during yesterday’s show…

Darragh Ennis on The Chase
Darragh was on The Chase last night (Credit: ITV)

What happened on The Chase yesterday?

Yesterday’s edition of The Chase saw four more contestants go up against Darragh “The Menace” Ennis in the hope of winning big time.

Greg, Viv, Sadie, and Charles were working together on yesterday’s show. Greg was first up and evaded Darragh to take £3,000 back to the table.

Viv was caught, losing her £5,000, whilst Sadie managed to bring £5,000 back to the table. Last up was Charles, who went for the low offer of £1,000 and evaded Darragh too.

Greg, Sadie, and Charles then headed into the Final Chase with £9,000 to play for. Together, they answered 18 questions correctly – which proved too much for Darragh this time round.

Darragh had something of a mare, getting nine questions wrong, and being pushed back nine times – meaning the team won their £9,000.

“That wasn’t brilliant from me,” Darragh confessed. He admitted that he was jumping to answer questions as quickly as possible, which, when it went wrong, made his job “impossible”.

Darragh Ennis on The Chase
Darragh hit back (Credit: ITV)

Chase star Darragh slams the trolls

Fans of the show weren’t impressed with Darragh’s performance, with many taking to Twitter to slam him.

“Poor day at the office for the Menace. Can see why he’s close to Shaun Wallace there,” one ITV viewer tweeted. “A very bad day at the office for Darragh,” another said.

“O dear, Darragh had a mare there,” a third wrote.

Darragh himself then took to Twitter to discuss his performance – as well as hit back at those trolling him.

“On tonight’s show, I had a bad few minutes. It got away from me and I started to miss the clues in the question. It happens, we all have bad days. I don’t mind, but maybe consider what you post online about people who are in the public eye, it can be damaging,” he tweeted.

“Just keep being you trolls never win,” one fan replied. “It only shows that Chasers are human and can have off days. It’s all about entertainment so it would be boring if Chasers easily won each episode,” another said.

Bradley Walsh on The Chase
Bradley was slammed (Credit: ITV)

Brad hits back

Monday night’s episode of The Chase saw Bradley Walsh come under fire for his behaviour towards Shaun Wallace.

He accused Shaun of “showboating” during the Final Chase – an accusation Shaun denied.

“You’re giving the answer and then you’re giving a load of information in the Final Chase, which doesn’t need to be done, so you’re showboating,” Bradley berated his co-star.

However, some viewers didn’t see the funny side. “Gonna stop watching if he [Bradley] continues,” one fumed.

Bradley Walsh is getting too up himself. Very annoying,” another said. “This ‘Bradley having a dig at Shaun’ routine is getting a bit old hat,” a third wrote. 

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The Chase airs on weekdays from 5pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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