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The Chase fans slam Bradley Walsh as he accuses Shaun Wallace of ‘showboating’

Brad's behaviour didn't go down well

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The Chase fans were not happy with how Bradley Walsh was behaving towards the Dark Destroyer, aka Shaun Wallace, during yesterday’s show (Monday, January 8).

Some took to Twitter to complain, with one even saying they’ll stop watching if his behaviour continues!

Bradley Walsh on The Chase
Bradley’s behaviour came under fire yesterday (Credit: ITV)

What happened on The Chase?

Yesterday’s edition of The Chase saw yet another team of four take on Shaun intending to win big.

Marcus from Neath was up first. He won £6,000 in the cash builder and evaded Shaun to book his slot in the Final Chase. Sarah was up next, however, she failed to avoid being caught, meaning the £5,000 she’d racked up in the cash builder vanished into the aether.

Lesley was third up to the plate. She picked up £6,000 in the cash builder but failed to avoid Shaun.

Last up was Will. He answered five questions correctly, meaning he took £5,000 into the Chase. However, he took the low offer of £1,000. He evaded Shaun, booking his place in the Final Chase.

Shaun Wallace on The Chase
Shaun was accused of “showboating” (Credit: ITV)

The Chase host Bradley Walsh and Shaun Wallace banter

However, Marcus and Will didn’t perform well during the Final Chase, only getting 11 answers correct between them.

It didn’t take long for Shaun to catch up with them – meaning they went home empty-handed.

Shaun caught up with them with 43 seconds remaining. His final question was about who Brazil beat to win their first World Cup.

“Sweden. 5-2,” Shaun said as the clock stopped. Turning to him, Bradley said: “Don’t show off.”

“I wasn’t showing off!” Shaun protested. “You were,” Bradley replied. “As if I would do that!” Shaun joked.

“You were! Because all you’ve got to do is give the answer. And you’re coasting, and you’re showboating. You’re giving the answer and then you’re giving a load of information in the Final Chase, which doesn’t need to be done, so you’re showboating,” Bradley continued.

“No, that wasn’t showboating,” Shaun said. “That was showboating. Marcus and Will, my sincere apologies, he shouldn’t be showing off,” Brad then said.

Bradley Walsh on The Chase
Brad was slammed by fans (Credit: ITV)

Fans slam Brad

However, some fans were not happy with Brad’s behaviour towards Shaun.

“Gonna stop watching if he [Bradley] continues,” one ITV viewer fumed. “Bradley Walsh is getting too up himself. Very annoying,” another wrote. 

“This ‘Bradley having a dig at Shaun’ routine is getting a bit old hat,” a third grumbled.

Some fans took to Shaun’s defence too. “There’s nothing wrong with showboating. Shaun was on fire today,” one viewer wrote. 

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The Chase airs on weekdays from 5pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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