Rochelle Humes’ gesture to Andi Peters to ‘keep things in control’ on This Morning amid viewer backlash

Rochelle and Andi might have a permanent spot on This Morning on the horizon...

Rochelle Humes and Andi Peters graced our screens earlier today, at the helm of This Morning.

The former The Saturdays singer and beloved children’s TV host partnered up to bring us all the latest topics including Mother’s day gift ideas, counterfeit cosmetic warnings and ‘how to not kill your houseplants’.

However, their appearance on today’s show might not be a one-off, as a body language expert explained their dynamics – watch out Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley!

Andi Peters and Rochelle Humes on This Morning
Andi and Rochelle are hosting This Morning this week (Credit: ITV)

Rochelle Humes and Andi Peters take over This Morning

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Roulette, body language expert Darren Stanton detailed that Rochelle and Andi have the potential to take over the studio with a more permanent position. This is largely due to Rochelle’s ability to keep Andi’s charismatic antics under control.

Darren said: “These two have a strong dynamic. Andi is known for being the joker and mischievous, whereas Rochelle likes to keep it quite serious and professional with her pieces to the camera. They’ve got a natural rapport together and appear extremely connected.

“I’ve noticed that the pair make similar gestures towards each other, which tells me they’re in a state of pace and lead. Pace and lead is a natural occurring state where you have this unconscious connection with another person.

“You’re not even aware of it, but you just feel completely at ease.”

Rochelle Humes in a white dress and Andi Peters in a grey shirt, facing each-other whilst discussing house plants on This Morning
Rochelle Humes and Andi Peters discussing house plants on This Morning (Credit: This Morning via Youtube / ITV)

‘Rochelle with Andi is probably the best pairing’

He continued: “Throughout the show Andi was being his normal, boisterous self. The smiles are genuine between them, we didn’t see any signs of nerves or stress.

With a little more time together I can see these two developing and growing into permanent spots on the sofa.

“Out of everybody I’ve seen Rochelle with, Andi is probably the best pairing. It’s nice to watch them interact, laugh and joke – it’s all very genuine. I think they’ve got similar elements when it comes to hosting. With a little more time together I can see these two developing and growing into permanent spots on the sofa.

‘Rochelle has a ‘great way of keeping things in control’ with Andi’

The body language expert also observed that Rochelle seemed to be in control of the pair’s dynamic. Darren said: “Andi is a big personality and Rochelle appears in awe of him but she also has a great way of keeping things in control and allowing them both to shine without appearing like they’re competing for attention.

“Small gestures like placing her hand on his hand when she’s due to talk can be a subtle and kind way to calm someone if they’re getting a little excited or going off track. Ultimately they have a great rapport with lots of eye contact and mirrored laughter. They also sit close together and are tactile and face their bodies towards one another.”

Watch out Ben and Cat – you might have some job competition!

Rochelle Humes and Andi Peters sat down at a table on This Morning
Rochelle and Andi have faced some criticism about their hosting of This Morning (Credit: This Morning via Youtube / ITV)

Rochelle and Andi suffered criticism

It comes after Rochelle and Andi were brutally criticised by This Morning fans, with some even dubbing watching them as ‘torture’. One wrote: “Wow, it’s the C-team this week.”

Another fumed: “Peters and Rochelle? FFS! What did we do to deserve this torture?”

A third wrote: “I just can’t watch a minute more of Andi and Rochelle. The constant incessant childish chatter, the talking over each other and guests.”

Meanwhile, Rochelle seemed to hit back with a defiant quote posted to social media.

She cooly shared to her Instagram stories: “Good morning gang. Sometimes peace will look like letting people be loud and wrong about you.”

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