Emmerdale’s David and Nicola: A look back at their steamy 2007 affair

You'd never put those two together!

Emmerdale has revisited the past between David Metcalfe and Nicola King, but when exactly did they date? And why did they break up?

It’s an unlikely pairing that we’d almost forgotten about, but back in 2007 things were pretty steamy between the schemers.

They’ve definitely never looked back and longed to be together again. And judging by the choice words Nicola had to say about him tonight (Tuesday, November 16) she pretty much regrets their time together.

But really, it’s David who should regret it after what Nicola got up to!

Here’s all you need to know about their affair.

David and Nicola’s affair was pretty steamy (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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When did David and Nicola date in Emmerdale?

David Metcalfe arrived in the village in 2006 and by the time Nicola returned to the Dales in 2007, he had quite the reputation as a womanising bad boy.

Nicola, now going by the name Nicola de Souza, was claiming to be a wealthy widow and she soon tempted David away from his then-girlfriend Jasmine Thomas and embarked on an affair with him.

However, it turned out her husband, Donald, was just in a coma and when he regained consciousness and returned from hospital, Nicola ended up having to be his wife.

But she was still getting hot and heavy with David behind poor old Donald’s back.

Donald’s son, Miles, was on to Nicola though and caught the two of them out. He told his dad, and Donald hired actress Cindy Burton to pretend to be his nurse to make Nicola jealous.

Nicola instead decided to use the opportunity to frame Cindy for Donald’s murder. Nicola knew she would inherit his fortune if she could get rid of her husband.

David and Nicola were together back in 2007 (Credit: ITV)

Why did Nicola and David break up in Emmerdale?

Nicola tried to persuade David to help her kill Donald.

But despite his immoral nature, murder was a step too far for David. And he certainly didn’t want to be with a woman capable of it either.

He sabotaged her plots to poison and electrocute Donald, and then eventually told the old man what Nicola was planning.

Donald took her up to the Moors and told her to push him off a cliff. She couldn’t do it though and was left with nothing when he finally threw his scheming wife out.

She went with her tail between her legs to David and assumed they’d give things a proper go, but in fact disgusted at what she had been up to, he washed his hands of her too.

Nicola and Jimmy are back on track after a rocky time (Credit: ITV)

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Who are David and Nicola with now?

David has had more women than hot dinners during his time in the Dales.

Slowly as the years progressed he has reformed his bad-boy ways and started to make an honest living.

He has had marriages to Alicia Metcalfe and Tracy Shankley, and long-term relationships with Leyla Cavanagh, Maya Stepney and Meena Jutla.

Currently, he’s romancing Victoria Sugden after they finally admitted their feelings to each other. The problem was David was with Meena at the time and Meena’s murderous streak meant she wouldn’t give up her man easily.

She tried to kill Vic, but Victoria survived and she and David are now making a go of their romance. Let’s hope this one’s for keeps, eh, David?

Meanwhile, Nicola got together with Jimmy King in 2009. The pair are married and share daughter Angelica, as well as caring for Jimmy’s other kids: Carl and Elliot.

They recently split up, but reunited and seem to be back on track.

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