Montage of pictures from Coronation Street last night - Stephen dead, Tim looking scared, Carla and Pater are shocked (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street twist: Stephen Reid killed as Peter saves Jenny and Sarah

The bloody aftermath is revealed

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Last night’s episode of Coronation Street saw its long-running serial killer storyline come to a head as evil Stephen Reid exited the soap in an action-packed climax.

In this thrilling episode (which aired Friday, October 13) Stephen held Jenny Connor and niece Sarah Platt hostage – his escape to Thailand thwarted. Stephen was then killed by a vengeful Peter Barlow, who stormed onto the scene just as Stephen appeared to relent.

Stephen dead, in a bodybag on Corrie
Stephen is dead… but his story is far from over (Credit: ITV)

Then, in a further plot twist, the soap revealed that taxi driver Tim Metcalfe had survived his encounter with Stephen… but lies, fighting for his life, in the boot of his own taxi.

But what will happen next? Read our Coronation Street picture post from last night’s episode below – and discover what’s next for Tim and Peter as the aftermath is revealed.

Stephen and Jenny argue on Coronation Street as he threatens her with a bottle
Jenny learned exactly what Stephen has been up to (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street this week: Stephen’s escape thwarted by Jenny

This week’s episodes saw the net finally close in on serial killer Stephen. After silencing Tim by bashing his head in with a brick and then smothering him in the street, Stephen attempted to flee to Thailand.

However, with Jenny having second thoughts about her happy ever after with Stephen, he made a solo dash to the airport. With the police looking for Stephen after discovering Teddy’s body in the canal (thanks, Tim), it looked as though his exit was in hand.

Stephen being hit by a car - view from the inside on Corrie
Furious at Stephen’s treatment of Carla, Peter mowed him down with his car (Credit: ITV)

Stephen holds Jenny and Sarah hostage as the truth is revealed

But Jenny had stolen Stephen’s passport, forcing him to make a return trip to Weatherfield. The storyline came to a dramatic head as Stephen took Jenny and Sarah hostage in the Rovers.

After bashing Sarah over the head with a bottle, Stephen confronted Jenny over his missing passport. As he revealed the extent of his crimes, his family and neighbours descended on the Rovers in an attempt to rescue Jenny and Sarah.

Stephen dead on Coronation Street
Stephen is dead – but will Peter face the music for killing him? (Credit: ITV)

Peter kills Stephen

Stephen tried to escape, threatening to kill Jenny with a broken bottle. But, moments after letting Jenny free, he was mown down by Peter, who roared onto the scene in his taxi.

The episode then revealed that Tim was still alive. As Audrey wept over her son’s lifeless body, the scene cut to Tim, unconscious in the boot of his taxi.

Tim then opened his eyes, alive after all! But is it too late for Tim?

Tim looking scared in the boot of a car on Corrie
Tim is alive! (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Peter in the frame while Tim fights for his life?

The soap returns on Monday, as the police investigate Stephen’s final moments. As DS Swain steps up her investigation into recent events in Weatherfield, Peter is left holding the bag. Will she find him guilty of premeditated murder?

Peter and Carla looking shocked on Corrie
Will Peter go down for murder? (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Tim remains on the brink of death in the boot of his car. Will he be found in time?

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Behind the Scenes: Stephen vs Tim | Coronation Street

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