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‘Is Jade rejecting the lungs?’ concerned EastEnders fans ask: ‘clearly very ill’

Is Jade's health about to spiral further?

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Fans of EastEnders have grown concerned for young Jade Masood, following recent scenes on the soap which appeared to show her coughing and spluttering even more than usual.

Jade recently underwent a lung transplant to help her with her cystic fibrosis: a genetic condition which affects the lungs and digestive system, and makes breathing more difficult due to a presence of thick, sticky mucus in the lungs.

Although Jade’s operation appeared to be a success, some fans have wondered whether Jade’s body might be rejecting her new lungs. Do fans have cause for worry?

Dean and Jade talk on EastEnders
Jade arrived in Walford recently to see dad Dean (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans worry for Jade’s health amid coughing fits

Writing on X, a number of EastEnders fans shared their thoughts on Jade‘s recent scenes – almost all of which showed her coughing and spluttering as a result of her condition.

However, many wondered whether the soap might be foreshadowing further ill health for Jade.

“Jade is very clearly ill and probably rejecting her new lungs, she should be back with Shabnam,” wrote one concerned fan.

“Nearly convinced Jade is rejecting the lungs,” said another.

Her body will reject the lungs and she’ll get super ill and be in hospital or will die.

This theory was also popular on Reddit, where users continued to debate whether Jade’s body might be rejecting the transplant. “Aww, here we go,” wrote one fan. “Her body will reject the lungs and she’ll get super ill and be in hospital or will die.”

“I think she might either have a burgeoning infection/transplant failure, or maybe she has asthma,” suggested a fourth.

“She’ll also still have CF. The lungs won’t be affected but it will still affect her liver and other organs,” another viewer pointed out.

Could Jade’s health be about to seriously worsen?

Dean looks unhappy on EastEnders
Dean plans to keep Jade under his thumb (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Dean plots to keep Jade around

Spoilers for this week’s EastEnders have revealed that Jade is planning to leave Walford for Pakistan, to move with mum Shabnam. But when she and Jean break the news to Dean, he takes it badly.

After learning that there’s nothing he can do to keep Jade in the country, Dean made a sinister plot. He started to tamper with her medication for her chest infection. This is likely to have serious ramifications for Jade – but how much danger will Dean put his daughter in to get his own way?

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Shabnam and Jade Leave Albert Square | EastEnders

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