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Emmerdale spoilers for next week: First look as traumatised Charity attacks Mack

Charity's struggling to hold it all together

Our Emmerdale spoilers for next week can reveal that, as she continues to struggle with the aftermath of gangster Harry’s death, traumatised Charity Dingle lashes out – and attacks Mack. But what damage has she wrought?

Elsewhere, Amit has a shocking gift for Jai and Suni, while April and Leo hit back at mum Rhona. Elsewhere, Jimmy and Nicola attempt to come to terms with potentially losing Angel.

Meanwhile, Tom lashes out at Belle again, while Nate makes a demand of Tracy. Finally, Kim and Ruby team up to make Caleb’s life hell. But what do they have planned?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers for next week in full below.

Emmerdale spoilers

1. Traumatised Charity attacks Mack

Charity looking worried on Emmerdale

Mack is relieved when Charity finally agrees to get some help with her agonising guilt over Harry’s death.

Charity looking over Harry's grave on Emmerdale

She pays a visit to Harry’s grave at the Chuch where he is buried.

Charity looking over Harry's grave

But, as she stands over his grave, she begins to feel defiant and – trashing his grave – begins to take her power back from the dead gangster.

Charity looks shocked as she talks to Mack on Emmerdale

Returning home after her cathartic visit with dead Harry, Charity is finally able to fall asleep. But her rest is short-lived, and she wakes up after being plagued with nightmares of Harry.

As Liam begins to suspect that something might be amiss with Charity’s behaviour, Charity feigns nonchalance before him and Mack.

Mack looking worried on Emmerdale

But, when alone, her paranoia begins to rise and she reaches for a weapon in self-defence. After suffering another horrifying night terror, Charity wakes in fright – and winds up gravely injuring Mack.

2. Amit crashes the party

Suni and Amit talking to Jai and Laurel

When Suni hints to Jai that Amit won’t be at his birthday, Jai confirms that he’ll be attending. As the party begins, he’s delighted at his gift from Nicky and Ruby.

Jai looks angry as he and Laurel talk to Suni

Later, Jai is shocked when Amit arrives. Amit reluctantly agrees to leave, but not before giving Suni and Jai with a mysterious envelope.

The envelope contains Amit’s will – stating that Jai and Suni will receive his shares in the HOP after his death. Then, just as Laurel manages to convince him to return to work, Jai’s mood blackens when he receives an unexpected text message…

3. Single-minded Rhona alienates her family

Rhona and Marlon talking to Ethan on Emmerdale

Rhona and Marlon seek legal advice from Ethan. He suggests that they tell Gus that they intend to apply for parental rights of Ivy.

Ethan talking to Marlon and Rhona on Emmerdale

Later, Ethan tells Rhona that she will have to plead guilty of kidnapping in order to get the most lenient sentence possible.

April talking angrily to Rhona on Emmerdale

Later on, Marlon and Paddy pick Leo up following a fight at school. The pair blame Leo’s outburst on Rhona’s preoccupation with Ivy, and are left feeling defeated when Leo claims he’d rather spend time with Paddy than Marlon and Rhona.

Then, April arrives home – also angry with her family.

April looking annoyed on Emmerdale

She unloads on Rhona, giving her both barrels for abandoning her existing children and prioritising Ivy.

How will Rhona react to this wake-up call?

4. Jimmy and Nicola are left reeling as Angelica’s sentencing approaches

Angel's custodial walker talks to Nicola and Jimmy

Angel’s Youth Justice Worker tells Nicola and Jimmy that Angel should expect to receive a custodial sentence for the car accident. Nicola and Jimmy are horrified for their daughter.

Nicola and Jimmy arguing on Emmerdale

When they get a date for Angel’s sentencing, they are left devastated to learn that they have such little time left with their daughter. Later, Nicola and Brenda discuss the effect of the crash on their families.

Nicola and Jimmy look upset on Emmerdale

Nicola is touched when Brenda offers to give a witness statement for Angel. Meanwhile, at the B&B, Bob agrees to hear Jimmy out. In spite of his pleas, Bob is unable to forgive Jimmy.

Later, Brenda’s advice is a hard pill to swallow at Bob, who lashes out at Cathy – then immediately regrets it. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Nicola are disappointed when they learn that Brenda missed the deadline for her witness statement, and there’s nothing more they can do.

Are the devastated parents about to lose Angel?

5. Tom puts his foot down

Tom talking to Belle at home on Emmerdale

Feeling loved-up, Belle and Tom arrive home from their honeymoon.

Belle looks worried as she talks to Belle on Emmerdale

However, controlling Tom puts his foot down when Belle attempts to assert herself.

Tom looking angry on Emmerdale

Later at the Salon, Belle, Lydia and Mandy discuss their sex lives. Belle then decides to give Tom a surprise.

Tom looks angry on Emmerdale

But when she surprises him at work, Tom angrily reprimands a humiliated Belle.

6. Nate makes a demand

Nate and Tracy talk on Emmerdale

Tracy pleads with Nate to let her return home – urging him to think about Frankie’s welfare. However, she is left reeling when when Nate tells her that he wants to start divorce proceedings.

7. Ruby makes Kim an offer

Ruby talks to Kim on Emmerdale

Caleb begs Moira to help him get back into the Dingles’ good books. Meanwhile, feeling jealous, Ruby is left frustrated by his depth of feeling for his family.

Later, she approaches Kim with an offer. The pair agree to join forces and make Caleb suffer… But what do they have planned?

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Charity Has A Panic Attack | Emmerdale

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