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Emmerdale: Rhona and Gus to have an affair after Lucy death, fans predict

Will Rhona cheat on Marlon?

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Last night in Emmerdale (Thursday, November 16), Rhona took Lucy to the hospital after realising that her waters had broken.

However, whilst at the hospital, Gus then revealed the upsetting news that Lucy had died after giving birth to their baby.

A new Emmerdale fan theory now predicts that Rhona will cheat on Marlon with Gus.

Lucy died in childbirth (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Lucy passed away

After finding out about Gus and Lucy’s baby secret from Marlon, Rhona arranged to meet up with Gus last night.

However, when he didn’t show up, Rhona then went round to his house and was taken aback to see him trying to escape with Lucy, with their suitcases ready to go.

As Rhona confronted the couple over the use of her embryos, Lucy’s waters broke.

Rhona then tried to reassure Lucy whilst offering to drive her up to the hospital.

When at the hospital, Gus revealed that Lucy had given birth to a baby girl. However, she’d lost a lot of blood and had sadly passed away soon after their daughter’s arrival.

He then blamed Rhona for Lucy’s death, accusing her of causing extra stress for his wife.

Emmerdale's Gus is crying at the hospital
Will Rhona ditch Marlon for Gus? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fan theory: Rhona to cheat with Gus?

A new Emmerdale fan theory now predicts that Rhona and Gus will bond with each other over the baby and have an affair with each other.

One Emmerdale fan wondered: “Are the writers going to set up a shock affair between Rhona and Gus? Gus’ wife died but Rhona & Gus’ baby is born. The writers use the child as a way to bring Gus and Rhona together? A child bonds people. How will Marlon feel about this? Get the sense Gus will cause more trouble.”

But, could Rhona leave Marlon and go back to her ex – Gus – and the baby?

Emmerdale's Rhona is talking to Gus at the hospital
Rhona feels connected to the baby (Credit: ITV)

Will Rhona and Gus bond over the baby?

As soon as the baby was born, Rhona couldn’t help but view it as her own daughter.

Marlon and Mary tried to explain to Rhona that the baby was actually Gus and Lucy’s daughter but she wasn’t having it.

Will Rhona and Gus soon start to bond over the baby and turn to each other? Where will this leave Marlon?

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Emmerdale - Gus Receives Sad News About Lucy (16th November 2023)

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