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Emmerdale fans totally ship Charity and Liam – and beg bosses to forget about Mack

Liam is just what Charity needs

Last night in Emmerdale (Wednesday, August 30), Liam picked Charity up for their date, taking her to The Hide.

He soon started to fall for Charity’s charms but Charity wasn’t as keen on him.

But, now Emmerdale fans totally ship Charity and Liam and are begging bosses to forget about Mack.

Liam smiling on a date with Charity on Emmerdale
Liam fell for Charity (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Charity and Liam went on a date

Viewers will know that Charity was recently challenged by Gail to proposition the next person who walked through the Woolpack doors. With this person turning out to be Liam, Charity flirted with him and gave it her best shot.

Bagging herself a date with the village doctor, Charity dressed up to impress as Liam turned up last night to pick her up.

At The Hide, Charity started to charm Liam as she pretended to be interested in his murder mystery novels.

After the date, Liam told Cain that he was captivated by her whilst Charity admitted to Gail that she didn’t see it going anywhere as she’d walk all over him.

Emmerdale's Charity and Liam are on a date at The Hide
Fans ship Charity and Liam (Credit: ITV)

Fans ship Liam and Charity over Mack

Emmerdale fans are starting to totally ship Charity and Liam (is it too soon to call them Larity yet?) and are begging the soap to forget about Mack completely.

One viewer commented: “LARITY! The last six letters of Hilarity, which is what Liam/Charity are; hilarious. I really want this to be the next good relationship that Charity has, my hope is that she realises that Mack really isn’t worth it and sees him for the coward and slime ball he is, and sees that Liam is better. Chloe can keep Mack, she’s a doormat who likes to be treated badly by men who compare her to the stalker she had. Team Larity all the way!”

Another person added: “I’d choose Larity over Mack even being in the show…”

A third fan continued: “…I’ll be rooting for Larity! Liam needs a bit of chaos in his life and Charity needs a calming influence in her life.”

Liam smiles as he drinks with Cain on Emmerdale
Liam is smitten (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Are Liam and Charity a perfect match?

After his date with Charity, Liam couldn’t help but be absolutely mesmerised by his date.

Charity thought that she’d be too much for Liam. But, could they actually be just what each other needs?

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Emmerdale - Charity and Liam Goes On A Date (30th August 2023)

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