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Emmerdale fans predict alcoholism storyline for Charity amid breakdown

Charity sank into the bottle last night

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Fans of Emmerdale are predicting that Charity Dingle’s current struggle with her PTSD and fractured mental health could lead to her developing an alcohol addiction.

This comes amid another difficult week for poor Charity. Still struggling with clear PTSD after killing gangster Harry at Christmas, Charity has suffered from terrible nightmares and visions of Harry.

This culminated in her accidentally attacking Mack last week, stabbing him in the gut after another nightmarish visit from dead Harry. As Mack bled out on the floor, begging for help, Charity froze, leaving him to fall into unconsciousness.

Although Mack recovered and Charity wasn’t charged, things are far from alright.

Mack talks to Charity on Emmerdale
Charity has been struggling with the aftermath of killing Harry for a while now (Credit: ITV)

Charity drives away Mack as her pain escalates

In this week’s episodes Charity continued to isolate herself – telling a visiting Mack (released from the hospital already!) that either ‘you go, or I do.’

Mack did as she asked, and left Charity alone.

As Mack returned to Moira, Cain and Moses at Butler’s Farm, Charity remained at home… with only a bottle of whiskey for company.

And Charity’s choice of liquid companion had fans worried for her future well-being.

Charity looks shocked as she talks to Mack on Emmerdale
A confused and upset Charity stabbed Mack this week (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans worry as Charity turns to drink amid mental health struggle

As these scenes aired, worried Emmerdale fans fretted that Charity may be headed down a road she may struggle to return from.

“Oh no…. Charity is turning to alcohol?” worried one fan.

“Obviously they’ll take Charity down the drink yourself into oblivion road. That’s the standard soap plot to recover from any serious traumatic event,” said another.

“Here we go! Charity on the booze. It’s always booze or drugs,” a third viewer remarked.

Such frustrations follow existing complaints that Charity’s storyline hasn’t made a lot of sense so far – particularly her surprising release from police custody on Monday.

Is Charity headed down an even darker path?

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