Composite image of Mack and Charity on Emmerdale; she's upset, he's unconscious (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Emmerdale fans left confused following Charity’s hospital visit

Many found the scenes to be distracting

Fans of Emmerdale have been left confused following the events of last night’s episode – in which Charity Dingle, freshly released from the police station, paid a visit to Mack at hospital.

This followed her stabbing Mack in the gut during an attack of PTSD. While Mack was rushed to hospital, the police arrested Charity and took her in for questioning.

Charity stands over Mack, lying unconscious in Emmerdale
Charity continued to struggle with what she had done (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Charity pays Mack a visit after police release

In last night’s episode, Mack confirmed to the police that Charity wasn’t to blame for what had happened – leading to her release. She then dropped by to see Mack in the hospital.

As he lay unconscious, she told him that she saw no way forward for their relationship. “That’s it, you’re a free man,” she sobbed, before sloping off again.

However, some fans were left confused by Charity’s comings and goings.

Charity looking upset on Emmerdale
A disheveled Charity told Mack that their relationship is over (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans call out multiple plot holes amid Charity breakdown

Writing on X as the episode aired, a number of fans were quick to call out some of the strange shenanigans around Charity’s release. Namely, why did the police release a woman who is clearly in great distress?

And how did Charity get to the hospital anyway?

“I feel like the police are being weird… Charity literally said she was trying to stop Damon from hurting her again. She was not in her right mind,” commented one fan.

“How the [bleep] did Charity get to the hospital? She was in the nick being charged? Crying out loud, get better writers,” another wondered.

“Genuine question why have the police or whatever not set any support system up for Charity straight after getting out of custody? Like surely they can see she needs help asap,” asked a third.

“How is Charity getting around in those pyjamas? Driving? Walking? Taxis? With no bag or cash on her??” another questioned.

“The place is crawling with coppers and Charity just breezes in for a visit after being arrested for stabbing him?” said a fifth, of her impromptu hospital visit.

Were you as bothered by last night’s episode?

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Charity Sees No Way Forward For Her And Mack | Emmerdale

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