Lydia looks upset on the stairs on Emmerdale; inset, soap logo (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Emmerdale fans praise ‘gripping’ Lydia scenes but are all saying the same thing about the plot

Karen Blick impresses, even as the plot frustrates

Fans of Emmerdale have praised ‘gripping’ scenes with Lydia Dingle in last night’s episode of the soap – but have all been left saying the same thing about the plot.

Recent episodes have seen Lydia attempting to reckon with the aftermath of being raped by childhood flame Craig. In last night’s episode, Lydia took to the police station to report Craig’s actions.

However, the pressure of the moment all got too much for her, and Lydia fled before she could tell anyone what Craig had done.

Lydia looks upset on Emmerdale
Viewers have praised actress Karen Blick for her performance as Lydia (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans praise Lydia Dingle scenes

As the episode aired, fans took to social media to praise actress Karen Blick for her performance as Lydia. Many singled out last night’s episode (airing Thursday, September 14) as particularly believable.

“I have to say, Karen Blick has been phenomenal already in Lydia’s new storyline, her performances come across as very believable. I don’t like seeing her suffer and Craig is taunting her… is she going to confide in someone and report him to the police?” said one fan.

“The storyline with Lydia played by the amazing Karen Blick, she’s playing this part so brilliantly, you can imagine the way Karen is playing the part like Lydia has really been raped, she doesn’t need to speak for us to know exactly what Lydia is going through,” said another.

“Wow! Such amazing and gripping scenes tonight! Couldn’t look away, kept my eyes on the screen the whole time during Lydia’s scenes with the police. Hats off to Karen Blick, they were some phenomenal performances. Hopefully Lydia speaks out soon and in her own time,” said a third.

However, in spite of the ‘phenomenal’ performances, viewers were also left saying the same thing about the plot.

Lydia looks upset on Emmerdale
Viewers have wondered how no-one has noticed Lydia’s visible distress so far (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans call out same thing as story airs

Many wondered how nobody had noticed Lydia‘s palpable distress. Writing on Twitter, a number of fans pointed out her friends’ and family’s apparent lack of awareness.

“How has no-one noticed that Lydia has been crying?? Deary me!” exclaimed one viewer.

“So no-one noticed how upset Lydia was,” facepalmed another.

“I really hope that look at the end was Mandy picking up that something is wrong, seems inconceivable that nobody has noticed Lydia is in bits,” said another.

But, with Mandy seeming to clock Lydia’s upset, this could be about to change. Will Lydia get the help she needs?

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Emmerdale - Lydia Goes To The Police To Report Being Raped

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