Composite of Kim Lydia and Craig on Emmerdale; Kim looks intense, Lydia worried, Craig smug (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Emmerdale fans demand Lydia turn to Kim in revenge against Craig

Will Kim set the hounds on Craig?

Fans of Emmerdale have demanded that Lydia Dingle turn to Kim Tate for help, should she decide to seek revenge against rapist Craig. Will Kim set her henchmen on evil Craig?

This comes in the aftermath of Lydia’s rape. After bumping into childhood flame – and the father of her stillborn child – Craig, Lydia has been struggling since he forced himself upon her.

Craig talks to Lydia on Emmerdale
Childhood flame Craig raped Lydia after a chance meeting and reconnection (Credit: ITV)

Last night’s episode of the soap saw Lydia go to the police station to report the crime. However, Lydia was unable to go through with her statement.

Although she confronted Craig to warn him to stay away from her, Lydia’s ordeal remains a secret. Will she finally reveal all as the pressure builds?

Emmerdale Kim piles the pressure on nervous Lydia
Could Lydia go to pal Kim for help? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans beg Lydia to seek Kim’s help

With Lydia struggling, fans have been hoping that Lydia will open up about her ordeal. Many predict that she will tell Kim Tate what Craig has done – and hope that Kim will take violent retribution on Lydia’s behalf.

“Was hoping Lydia would go to Kim, who would take a hit out on that creep Craig,” wrote one fan.

“Lydia love, just tell Kim and she will get rid of him once and for all. Can’t stand his mug anymore,” said another.

“TELL KIM LYDIA!” a third fan screamed.

“If the police can’t do anything about Craig because there’s not enough evidence, I really hope we see Kim and Lydia team up to bring him down. Love their dynamic,” said a fourth.

Will Lydia go to Kim for consolation and advice? And if so, is Craig set to experience the wrath of Kim Tate?

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Emmerdale - Lydia Goes To The Police To Report Being Raped

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