Emmerdale character Bob Hope looks sad, Bernice looks chipper

Emmerdale fans demand Bob and Bernice get together following betrayal

All change?

Emmerdale viewers reckon there might be a romantic future for Bob and Bernice following Wendy’s affair with Dr Liam.

A bawling Wendy confessed to doing the dirty on Bob during Tuesday (July 25) night’s episode of the ITV soap.

Amid much wailing and spluttering and insistence of regret she professed she still loved Bob, who had twigged he was being cheated on.

Emmerdale character Bob listens to Wendy as she confesses to her affair with Dr Liam
Bob gets the news from Wendy he was dreading (Credit: ITV.com)

But Wendy was left shattered herself after Bob went on to admit he was almost unfaithful himself.

And now fans want him to pair up with Dr Liam‘s ex Bernice instead – even though some acknowledge latest developments away from the Emmerdale set could make that a difficult love match.

Emmerdale character Bob looks dejected
Bob was almost a naughty boy himself (Credit: ITV.com)

‘I almost cheated on you, too’

After Wendy owned up to what she and Dr Liam had been up to, Bob dropped a bombshell of his own.

He told her: “While all of this was going on, I almost cheated on you, too… almost. I wanted to, but I didn’t.”

Explaining he and Bernice had been “in a daft mood” as they got “carried away with the wine-tasting”, Wendy stopped him: “I don’t need all the details.”

But Bob was determined to make his feelings known.

“I was tempted,” he said, before twisting the knife. Bob went on: “But I stopped myself. Do you know why? Because of you, because you’re my partner. It’s that simple. What we have… had… felt so secure, so perfect.”

Emmerdale character Wendy blubs
Wendy wanted to make it work with Bob (Credit: ITV.com)

As Wendy sobbed, Bob continued: “You are the person I want to wake up beside for the rest of my life. Why would I put that in jeopardy with some flirty fumble with Bernice?”

Wendy blubbed apologies but didn’t have an answer between sniffs about what they should do next.

“Are we stale, are we done?” Bob asked, referring back to when Wendy had suggested carrying on with Dr Liam had been an escape from reality.

Wendy insisted Bob was her “soulmate” and begged for another chance. But Bob couldn’t get over that she had cheated.

She replied: “This is the hardest part, being honest. We can work through this.”

Bob, however, didn’t feel that relationships should be a struggle. “We can cut loose now,” he suggested as Wendy protested that wasn’t what she wanted.

The pain for Bob was too much, though. Walking out of the room, he said he needed time by himself to make a decision, and figure out whether they have a future as a couple.

But for some of those watching at home, there were ponderings whether Bob might be better off pursuing a future with Bernice instead.

How Emmerdale fans reacted

“They’re so dull,” one viewer wrote on social media. “I was expecting Bob to be relieved and jump into Bernice’s arms.”

Another Twitter user claimed: “Bob you could be having red-hot sex with Bernice right now #Emmerdale.”

Meanwhile, someone else stated: “Bernice and Bob, Wendy and Liam – SORTED.”

But one fan objected: “No chemistry whatsoever between Bernice and Bob. Pop her back with Liam.”

And another person claimed: “Bob did have a fling with Bernice behind Wendy’s back… karma #Emmerdale.”

Emmerdale character Bernice makes her point to Dr Liam
‘Is this some kind of mummy complex?’ (Credit: ITV.com)

Will Emmerdale faves Bob and Bernice get together?

At the moment, it certainly doesn’t appear as if Bernice has her ex Dr Liam in her sights.

She dismissed his behaviour with Wendy in Tuesday’s episode as “some kind of mummy complex, a midlife crisis”.

She also blasted him for being “a despicable lech and a disgrace to his stethoscope”.

I wish they’d put Bernice and Bob together.

Tickled by these comments, a Twitter user reacted: “Bernice is brilliant. I wish they’d put her and Bob together #Emmerdale.”

However, time might be against happiness for Bernice and Bob as lovers.

And that’s because actress Samantha Giles is reportedly quitting the soap.

One fan commiserated, predicting that means no romance for Bob and Bernice: “I’m disappointed that Bernice and Bob ain’t gonna happen. Would’ve been nice to see their relationship develop but she’s leaving #Emmerdale.”

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