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Emmerdale fan theory predicts Craig will blackmail Lydia over rape

Will Lydia stay silent?

Last night in Emmerdale (Thursday, September 7), Lydia accompanied Samson on his work experience day with Craig.

She froze when she saw Craig and struggled as she continued to work for his company.

A new Emmerdale fan theory now suggests that Craig will blackmail Lydia over the rape.

Emmerdale's Lydia and Craig are talking at work
Lydia struggled at work (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Lydia went back to work

Last night, Lydia went with Samson to Craig’s workplace as he started his first day of work experience. She then said she was going to put in a few hours of cleaning but struggled when she saw Craig.

Craig’s work colleague then told Lydia that he didn’t usually take newcomers under his wing and liked people to work their way up – Samson was a rare case.

Later on, Craig caught Lydia alone and made out that she wanted to sleep with him and that she simply gave in to temptation.

When Samson returned, he lied that he was just speaking to Lydia about putting in some more hours at work.

Lydia then urged Samson to come home as Sam would be wondering where they were.

Once at home, Lydia then cried on her way upstairs as she overheard Sam sing Craig’s praises and express his excitement for Samson.

Emmerdale's Craig is angry
A new fan theory predicts that Craig will blackmail Lydia (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fan theory: Craig to blackmail Lydia over rape?

Currently, Lydia hasn’t opened up to anyone about her rape after seeing how excited Samson was to start his work experience.

Now, a new Emmerdale fan theory suggests that Craig will blackmail her over the rape and buy her silence with Samson’s work experience.

One person tweeted: “Craig is going to blackmail Lydia with Samson, can see it coming”

Another agreed with the theory and typed: “Craig is going to blackmail Lydia, isn’t he?”

Emmerdale's Lydia is sitting on the stairs in shock
Will Lydia tell anyone about the rape? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Will Craig blackmail Lydia?

Craig’s done his best to get close to Samson, especially frustrating Lydia. He’s in denial about raping her.

But, will he soon blackmail Lydia and make her keep quiet about the rape? Will Lydia stay silent to avoid crushing Samson’s dreams?

Fans are desperate for Lydia to speak up and ‘take her power back’, but will Craig find a way to silence her?

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Emmerdale - Craig Is In Denial That He Raped Lydia

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