Ethan on Emmerdale; inset, looking angry (Credit: ITV/Composite:ED)!

Emmerdale: Ethan impresses fans during police interview scenes: ‘I can get on board with this version’

Fans enjoyed the all-new Ethan

Fans of Emmerdale have found themselves facing a sudden U-turn of opinion after Ethan Anderson stepped up to impress in last night’s episode of the show.

Historically, Ethan has always been one of Emmerdale’s less popular characters, with many criticising him for his ‘boring’ and often ‘mopey’ composure.

This swing in public opinion comes amid a new storyline for Ethan. A gang of thugs attacked Suni and Nicky, in a homophobic hate crime on Thursday night. Stepping in, Ethan put a stop to the crime – but was then arrested after club bouncers and the thugs accused Ethan of wielding a knife.

Ethan looking angry on Emmerdale
Ethan’s heroism landed him in hot water with the police (Credit: ITV)

Ethan hits back after being accused of assault

While Nicky and an unconscious Suni were rushed to hospital, Ethan was dragged off by the police. As the aftermath unfolded last night, the police interrogated Ethan, accusing him of being behind the assault.

Ethan lashed back, saying: “A group of white lads harass and assault two young men. And yet, by the words of a doorman who wasn’t even there and an accusation by one of the attackers, the only man arrested is a black man. A gay black man.”

“Aren’t you embarrassed?” he snapped.

The police then released Ethan pending further investigation, but the bad news wasn’t over yet. Upon returning home, he received news that he would be suspended from work pending a review.

Ethan looking serious in Emmerdale
Fans haven’t always responded so well to Ethan’s character (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans cheer on Ethan in U-turn

Ethan impressed fans of the show with his composure during the interrogation scenes. As the episode aired, a number of viewers took to X to praise his fiery response.

“OK, I can get on board with this version of Ethan,” said one fan.

“Really enjoyed Emmerdale tonight, I think that’s the first time Ethan has really impressed me,” agreed another.

“Ethan speaking up the way he did at the cop shop made me so happy,” said a third.

“Huge big up to Ethan; if I wanted someone standing in my corner, it would be him. He certainly knows his worth. He is becoming a much more likeable character,” a fourth commented.

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