EastEnders' Ben Mitchell looks tense (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers tonight: How Ben Mitchell leaves as his final exit scenes play out

Max Bowden leaves the Square tonight

EastEnders spoilers for tonight reveal Ben Mitchell’s last scenes in Walford. It’s set to be an emotional episode as Max Bowden bows out, but will Ben leave in a prison van or by going on the run?

Also, Denzel is determined to get his parcel back from Yolande, but will she forgive him after his outburst? And, it’s Lauren’s 30th birthday, but will she expose Whitney’s lies?

Things have not gone Ben’s way (Credit: BBC)

Ben’s exit in EastEnders spoilers

After Phil was stopped in his plan to help Ben and Lexi flee the country, Ritchie broke the news to Callum and Jay that Ben had been denied bail. Turned out the authorities guessed quite rightly that he was a flight risk!

With those waiting at home sure he would get bail, how will they cope with the news that’s not going to happen?

As the Mitchells deal with the fallout of Ben’s arrest, Callum uses his profession to his advantage and gets in to see his husband.

Ben is adamant he’s pleading not guilty, but will Callum help him get free? Or will Ben change his mind and take his punishment?

One way or another, Ballum fans will be heartbroken as their love story will come to an end.

Caught out! (Credit: BBC)

Denzel’s behaviour worsens

Last night (Wednesday March 27) Denzel yelled at Yolande and called her an awful name. Although they seemed to sort things out, Yolande still kept hold of Denzel’s package.

Tonight, Denzel opens up to Nugget at the boys bury the hatchet. But Denzel is not entirely honest about what happened with Yolande.

When Nugget goes to speak to Yolande on Denzel’s behalf it seems to be going well. But then Kat catches Denzel sneaking in and trying to steal his parcel from Yolande’s bag. Will Yolande finally find out what’s really in it – and why it’s so important to Denzel to get back?

Lauren has a change of heart (Credit: BBC)

Lauren confronts Whitney in EastEnders spoilers

Reeling from Whitney’s confession she paid Britney’s mum to take her off her hands, Lauren confronts her friend. She insists she has to tell Zack the truth.

Their argument is interrupted by Peter and his date, on the way to The Albert for Lauren’s 30th birthday party.

Lauren later has a conversation with Chelsea about Whitney and it makes Lauren think maybe she’s been too harsh. She approaches Whit again who promises she will tell Zack everything.

Priya’s date was going well until Avani arrived (Credit: BBC)

Avani messes with Priya and Martin

As Martin and Priya continue to enjoy their date, Avani has other ideas. She spoils the evening by pouring wine into Martin’s lap. But will she confess why she’s really so bothered about him and her mum dating?

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