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EastEnders spoilers for next week: First look as Johnny Carter returns to take on Dean

Linda is falling apart and her son is desperate to help her

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Johnny Carter is back and he is determined to help his mum Linda. First step is getting rid of Dean, but how will he do it?

Meanwhile, George starts to think he could have been wrong about his dad. But when Eddie’s shocking secret emerges, everything explodes. Can George ever forgive his parents?

Also, Denise is barely holding it together and Ricky and Amy are very worried.

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

EastEnders spoilers

1. Johnny punches Dean

Johnny helps drunk Linda and is upset to see what a state she’s in. He wants to know how things have got so bad with her.

Quizzing the family over the situation, Elaine reveals what’s really going on. She tells Johnny this is all because Dean is back.

Absolutely fuming, Johnny marches straight to Beales Eels to confront Dean. The two men square up. Ben spots Johnny and follows him. He then drags Johnny away from Dean and takes him for a drink.

Along with Callum, they talk everything through. But Johnny is still determined to take action over Dean.

At closing time, Johnny follows Dean. He punches him and warns him to leave Linda alone. But will Dean listen?

2. Johnny protects Linda

Determined to help his mum, Johnny doesn’t let her out of his sight. He’s desperate to stop her from drinking. But it soon becomes too much for her and she secretly swigs some booze.

Johnny soon finds out Gina dated Dean. When drunk Linda then drops Gina’s birthday cake in front of everyone and Gina laughs, Johnny lashes out at her.

Ben and Callum are concerned by Johnny’s angry behaviour. Ben promises to help Johnny get rid of Dean. He also assures Callum it’ll all be legal and above board. But will it?

3. Johnny takes action

Wanting to do something soon, Johnny decides to launch a civil case against Dean. However, Callum breaks the news of Linda’s recorded ‘confession‘ which Dean has. It makes things tricky to prove in court.

Johnny and Gina then team up to get the recording from Dean and erase it. However, Dean soon rumbles the plan. And when Linda gets involved, things take a shocking turn.

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4. Eddie’s secret revealed

George returns to his parents’ home for the first time in years for Eddie’s award celebrations. He’s taken aback by how proud Eddie seems to be of him and the way he’s treated like a hero by Eddie’s friends.

But soon all becomes clear when one of Eddie’s friends accidentally says the jury will love George. George demands answers over what he means and discovers his dad is facing trial for a racially motivated murder. Eddie needs George to be his character witness. George is left utterly devastated by the revelation.

5. George struggles with the revelation

It’s Gina’s birthday and before long Gloria and Eddie arrive. But George is not happy to see them. He reveals he knows all about the court case. George tells them to leave, but Gloria begs him to help them. George doesn’t want to hear it and dismisses them.

During a heart to heart with Gina, George talks about his childhood. He makes excuses for Eddie’s words and the things he did, which makes Gina angry.

George finds the courage to look up the court case. Then he rings Eddie and insists they need to talk.

6. George confronts Eddie

George and Eddie sit down on EastEnders

Eddie and Gloria arrive at The Vic. But George wants to talk to his dad alone. The confrontation is painful and George finally gets to the bottom of what really happened in his childhood and Eddie’s racism.

Meanwhile, Gloria offers an explanation to Elaine. She begs Elaine to help her convince George to testify on Eddie’s behalf. But will Elaine be swayed?

Gloria visits again the next day. She asks Elaine to take her to see George at The Boxing Den. Elaine reluctantly agrees and Gloria begs George to let her explain herself. George agrees, but can he forgive his mum?

7. Denise’s behaviour concerns Amy

Amy worries her dad and Denise are going to split up. She chooses a bracelet for Jack to give to Denise for Valentine’s Day in the hope it makes things better between them.

But as she and Ricky are trying to hide the jewellery, Denise sees them. She reacts strangely to it worrying the kids. However, they have no idea she’s actually hallucinating the missing D necklace.

With Denise’s behaviour really worrying her, Amy goes with her to work to support her. But despite Ricky’s insistence they tell Jack, Amy says they can’t, fearing it’ll split them up. Instead she asks Stacey for advice on bipolar.

8. Nish shocks Kat

Nish and Kat kiss on EastEnders

Nish wants to get closer to Kat, and Priya advises her kids are the way to her heart. Inviting her and the kids to dinner, Nish then makes a shock invitation to Kat. What will she say?

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