Coronation Street first look comp image for week 7: Gary, Maria, Billy, Nick

Coronation Street spoilers for next week: First look as Liam plans to end his own life

Maria and Gary face a desperate search for him

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Liam’s torment gets so bad he thinks there’s only one way out. As he looks up ways to end his own life, Maria finds out what’s going on. Can she and Gary find him in time?

Elsewhere, Billy’s pain is increasing and he’s taking a lot of pills to help ease it. When he lashes out at an old friend of Paul’s on Valentine’s Day, is it the painkillers making him act out of character?

Also, Leanne shocks Nick with a proposal, but will he accept?

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

Coronation Street spoilers

1. Liam’s torment deepens

Liam returns to school, but Mason continues to mock him. When Mason finds Liam working on his marionette, it gives him even more fodder.

Mason grabs it off him and smashes it to smithereens. Liam is distraught and starts to cry. But instead of comforting him, Dylan proves himself to Mason by filming Liam’s tears.

Liam then tells Maria he’s not going to school anymore. Maria talks to Mrs Crawshaw, but she says there’s nothing she can do unless she has proof Liam is being bullied.

2. Liam’s search history devastates Maria

Gary and Maria look horrified as they read Liam's messages on Corrie

After Eileen advises Maria checks Liam’s socials, she makes up a fake account and sends him a follow request. She then scrolls through the comments on his account and realises just how awful things have got for her son.

Maria and Gary tell Liam he must change schools, but Liam thinks there’s another option and begins searching for ways to kill himself. Liam later calls at the salon and tells Maria she’s a good mum and he loves her.

The school finds out what Liam has been searching on his laptop and alert Maria and Gary. Remembering Liam’s earlier words, Maria desperately rushes back to the flat to find her son. Will she get to him in time?

3. Billy loses it

Billy is determined to make Paul’s Valentine’s Day special, despite his back pain. He takes Paul out for a motorbike and sidecar ride, but it’s clear the pain is getting too much for Billy. He knocks back painkillers and takes Paul on to the bistro.

An old school friend of Paul’s is there on a stag do and is behaving raucously. Billy surprises Paul with a Barbershop Quartet, but it prompts Benno to run over.

When Benno tries to force Paul to dance, Billy sees red. He punches Benno, sending him flying. Is it the painkillers that make Billy act this way? Is he sliding back into addiction?

4. Leanne proposes in Coronation Street spoilers

Leanne proposes to Nick on Corrie

Leanne and Nick are at loggerheads over Simon’s behaviour and how to approach the situation. When Simon let’s Leanne move back in after Si takes responsibility for his actions, Nick doesn’t share her belief it will get better. Then Toyah let’s slip to Leanne Nick was planning to propose. So she gets down on one knee and asks him herself!

Nick looks surprised on Corrie

Nick’s completely taken aback. But as he’s clearly having doubts about their future, will he actually accept?

After confiding David, Nick is urged to come clean to Leanne about his concerns regarding their relationship. But will he actually admit how he’s really feeling?


5. Bobby finds out the truth

Bobby wants answers over his dad and asks Carla about Tina, the girl Rob killed. Bobby soon realises Rob didn’t kill Tina in self-defence as he’d claimed, instead it was in cold blood. Can Bobby move on from this?

6. Bobby tries to woo Lauren

Lauren is downbeat over her exam. She tells Bobby all the set texts she needs are out on loan from the library and so it means she can’t revise. Bobby has an idea to help – and get into Lauren’s good books.

After getting hold of the books through Evelyn and the charity shop, Bobby gifts Lauren a small bunch of flowers. But then a delivery man arrives with an expensive looking posh bouquet and Bobby is embarrassed by smaller his gesture.

Lauren is grateful for Bobby’s flowers. When her phone rings she tells the caller to leave her alone. She tries to tell them she doesn’t want their money, even though her energy company has sent her a final demand. Lauren then agrees to a date with Bobby, delighting him, but it’s clear she’s hiding a secret.

More Coronation Street spoilers

7. Amy catches Tracy and Tommy

Tracy talking to Tommy on Corrie

At the flower shop, Tommy tells Tracy they are definitely finished. Tracy pretends she couldn’t care less, but it’s obvious she doesn’t really mean that.

Tracy arguing with Tommy on Corrie

However, as they’re mid-argument, Amy walks in and overhears. She demands to know what’s going on. How much has she really heard? Have Tracy and Tommy been busted?

8. Daisy and Bethany can’t be friends

Bethany tries to make things up to Daniel and promises to speak to Daisy about the article. She gets Daisy to go for a coffee with her and hopes they can bury the hatchet. However, it’s not long before things descend into a row, but will Bethany convince Daisy she’s sorry?

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