Gary and Sarah talking on the sofa on Corrie; inset, Maria looking worried (Credit: ITV/Composite: ED!)

Coronation Street spoilers: Maria catches Gary and Sarah together on camera

Maria doesn't like what she sees

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Our Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Gary and Sarah are caught in a compromising situation when Maria sees them together on camera.

With Gary stressed over Liam’s bullying, and Sarah upset about Damon’s legal woes, the pair bond over their unhappiness. But when Maria overhears them talking on camera, she isn’t happy with what she learns.

How will she react?

Read our Coronation Street spoilers for this story in full below.

Sean and Violet on Corrie
Sean and Violet are horrified to learn that Dylan has gone missing (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Liam and Dylan pull a disappearing act

As Liam gets ready for court, Gary and Maria do their best to boost his confidence. Meanwhile, Dylan packs his things and sneaks out of the hotel where he’s staying.

Later, Violet visits No.11 and tells Sean that Dylan has gone missing.

In the Bistro, Liam picks at his breakfast, and overhears Sean and Violet say that that Dylan’s gone missing. While Gary helps to find Dylan, Liam heads home.

Just then, Dylan drags Liam into the ginnel. Telling him about Mason’s threats, he suggests they run away to avoid court. Discovering that Liam’s not at home, Gary and Maria realise that Liam’s gone missing too.

Gary and Maria talking on Corrie
Maria shuts down an upset Gary (Credit: ITV)

Gary is hurt by dismissive Maria

In the aftermath of the court date, Liam announces that he feels ready to return to school. However, Maria refuses to discuss the situation.

Gary is left feeling hurt when Maria implies that he isn’t Liam’s real dad so doesn’t care as much as she does.

Gary and Sarah talking on Corrie
Rebuffed by Maria, Gary confides in Sarah (Credit: ITV)

Maria catches Gary and Sarah getting close

Later, Sarah and Gary bump into each other on the street, both looking glum. She tells Gary that it’s Damon’s sentencing today. He then confides in her all about Liam’s suicidal thoughts.

Back at the flat, Gary tells Sarah about Maria’s overprotective behaviour. He explains how it’s ruining their relationship. Unbeknownst to them both, Maria checks her camera app and sees Sarah and Gary looking cosy in the flat.

Maria looking at her phone on Corrie
Maria is aghast to see Gary and Sarah growing close (Credit: ITV)

Turning up the volume, she’s upset and hurt to hear the topic of conversation.

When Sarah takes a call from Dee-Dee telling her that Damon got six years, she breaks down in tears. Comforting Gary takes her into his arms.

But how will Maria react to this display of intimacy?

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