Nigel Harman as Max Christie in Casualty (Credit: BBC)

Casualty airs exit for Max Cristie as Nigel Harman leaves the show – and fans are fuming

Nigel Harman bid farewell to the ED last night

Casualty fans are unimpressed after Nigel Harman‘s exit as Max Cristie aired on BBC One last night.

Max made a life-changing decision about his future following his recent kidney transplant and left the ED. He left behind him his devastated daughter Jodie – and plenty of devastated Casualty fans too.

They were not impressed at the ending for one of their favourite characters.

Max’s smile didn’t get him out of trouble with Jodie! (Credit: BBC)

Casualty exit for Nigel Harman

Nigel Harman, who played Max, revealed his departure from Casualty during his Strictly stint last year. At the time, it was thought Max would die as he desperately needed a new kidney.

However, his daughter Jodie stepped up and gave him one of hers. The surgery was successful and last night (Saturday March 2), Max was seen recovering.

But with Dylan keen to have Max back at work as soon as he was well enough, Max dropped a bombshell: he wasn’t coming back. He had applied to work with Medics of the World and been offered a placement in South Sudan.

Upset Jodie tried to change her dad’s mind, saying she’d just donated a kidney to him! Max explained that was why he didn’t want to accept the organ in the first place because he knew he wasn’t planning to stick around.

Jodie gave him the choice between taking the job or building their relationship. However the answer was already clear and Jodie knew he was going. But he twisted the knife further when he left without saying a proper goodbye.

Jodie looks fuming at her dad, Max in Casualty (Credit: BBC)
Jodie was heartbroken by her dad’s decision (Credit: BBC)

Casualty fans furious over Max departure

This is definitely Max’s goodbye and viewers watching at home couldn’t quite believe the ending they had given him. Some didn’t realise it was his exit at all.

“‘Thanks for the kidney, estranged daughter. I’m leaving now.’ Not really the best exit storyline…” said one on X.

Another agreed: “What a terrible exit plot. C’mon writers, really!”

“Terrible exit, as was Paige’s last week,” shared one more. “THAT was his exit!!?? Who in production did Nigel [bleep] off then??” queried someone else.

A further commenter wrote: “Really underwhelming to the point many of us obviously didn’t realise that was his final episode until the tweet.”

Nigel Harman as Max Christie in Casualty looking smouldering
At least the door has been left open for Nigel Harman to make a Casualty return (Credit: BBC)

Small joy for some

Others saw one – small – saving grace with the exit plot: namely that he wasn’t killed off. They are now hoping for a potential Nigel Harman return to Casualty one day.

“On one hand, thank you for not killing him off so he could potentially return one day… but on the other hand, was that the best exit he could be given?” said one.

Another added: “This seemed a bit of a low-key exit for a character that had such an impact on the show, however I’m pleased that he could potentially come back again.”

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Carena Crawford
Associate Editor (Soaps)