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12 EastEnders spoilers for next week including Sharon’s return, Keanu found and Dean’s new plot

Sharon's walking straight back into trouble

EastEnders spoilers for next week see a return for Sharon, horror for The Six as Keanu is finally discovered and Dean taking on Harvey – but who will come out on top?

Here’s everything we know about what’s coming up in EastEnders next week.

EastEnders spoilers

Finally, she’s come back (Credit: BBC)

1. Sharon returns!

As Linda is nursing another hangover in The Vic she’s interrupted in her wallowing by Sharon – she’s back! The women head upstairs where things are tense as Linda fears Sharon blames her for everything that happened at Christmas.

For Sharon’s part, she’s thrown into a panic when she finds out the meat thermometer is missing and that Johnny knows the truth.

Sharon and the Six on EastEnders
Will The Six forgive Sharon for leaving? (Credit: BBC)

2. A crisis meeting for The Six

Sharon then calls a meeting in The Vic barrel store. Meanwhile Linda is handed back the meat thermometer during a chaotic evening at the pub.

As The Six meet they are relieved to know the murder weapon has been located. Sharon agrees to dump it, but there is worse to come…

What will their next move be? (Credit: BBC)

3. The cafe floor caves in

While the women are meeting they have no idea that across the Square the cafe floor has just caved in.

As the women realise what this means they each deal with it in a different way…

Phil’s not happy (Credit: BBC)

4. Sharon needs Phil

Phil sees Sharon has returned and stops her to demand answers and access to Albie. They head back to No.43, but she is distracted by the news of the cafe floor.

Realising what this could mean, she tells Phil he can have access to their son, as long as he promises to always be there for him.

Can Stacey persuade Denise to stay? (Credit: BBC)

5. Denise plans to flee in EastEnders spoilers

Knowing she will be prime suspect after her necklace is found, Denise therefore packs her bags.

Stacey catches her however and convinces her to stay. She promises to help her get her necklace back before the finger is pointed at her.

6. Stacey and Denise caught by Jack

After stealing Bernie’s cafe keys, Stacey and Denise break in to get the necklace back. However, Jack catches them and wants answers.

Will they spill the beans?

It’s awful news for Bernie (Credit: BBC)

7. A body is found – and Sharon is questioned

Soon Keanu’s body is unearthed and then Bernie is told the devastating news.

As the police knock on Sharon‘s door and ask further questions about what happened between them at Christmas, who is going to take the blame for this?

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Harvey knows Dean’s up to no good (Credit: BBC)

8. Harvey takes on Dean

After setting up an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, Harvey gets Lily to invite Jade so he can keep an eye on her.

He’s reassured Jade is feeling better, but when Dean finds out where Jade is he flips, causing Harvey to grow more suspicious.

Dean then retaliates by posting a slanderous message online about Harvey. It’s war as Harvey vows to get to the bottom of what Dean is doing to Jade’s health.

What’s he up to now? (Credit: BBC)

9. Dean plots

With the walls closing in, Dean decides to sell up. He therefore asks Cindy and Ian to buy his share of Beale’s Eels.

Then Dean suggests a new way for Jade to fundraise and books them a trip to New York. What is Dean up to now?

Yolande is frozen in fear (Credit: BBC)

10. Pastor Clayton is inappropriate

Yolande has a video call with Patrick, which cheers her up. She also makes up with Agatha after the gossip and then Pastor Clayton likes her food truck idea.

However when he then gives Yolande an overly tactile hug, she is frozen in fear.

Pastor Clayton doesn’t react well to the confrontation (Credit: BBC)

11. Yolande confronts Pastor Clayton

After initially deciding to ignore what happened, Yolande struggles when he once again puts his hand on her leg. She lashes out and tells him his advances aren’t welcome.

However, Pastor Clayton doesn’t react well and puts the blame on her. He then ends their food truck idea and passes all charity work over to his wife, claiming he can’t be alone with Yolande as she makes him feel uncomfortable.

What does Sonia find out? (Credit: BBC)

12. Sonia gets difficult news in EastEnders spoilers

Sonia is excited for her next round of IVF and discusses it with Whitney. She and Reiss then head to their embryo implantation, but a revelation from the doctor knocks Sonia. What has she discovered?

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