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Meghan Markle’s ‘biggest fear amid Prince Harry’s visits home to see his family’ amid Charles’ cancer

Harry returned to the UK recently

In Meghan Markle news, the Duchess has reportedly been left feeling uneasy over Prince Harry‘s recent return to the UK, according to reports.

The Duke of Sussex recently flew back to the UK to briefly visit the King following news that he’d been diagnosed with cancer.

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Meghan Markle news: Duchess’ ‘biggest fear’ revealed amid Harry’s UK returns

Over the past two years, Prince Harry has made a number of returns to the UK.

Last year he appeared in court in his fight against the tabloids. He also made the trip across the pond for King Charles’ coronation back in May.

Earlier this month, the Duke of Sussex, 39, was in the UK to visit his father amid news that he’d been diagnosed with cancer. However, his visit to his homeland only lasted 24 hours, before he was back on a plane to the US. He failed to meet with brother Prince William, which he has since been slammed for.

Now, it has been claimed that thanks to all his trips back home, Meghan is concerned that her husband will want them to make a return to the UK on a more permanent basis. This has been described as her “biggest fear”, as she doesn’t want to leave the life they’ve built in the US.

Speaking to Heat magazine, a source claimed: “Meghan understands Harry isn’t going to stop trying to make peace with his family, but she’s worried about the impact it’ll have on them if he has to keep flying home all the time.”

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Meghan’s concern

The source then continued.

“Her biggest fear is that he’ll want them to move back to the UK. When they left, he couldn’t wait to go, but now it seems he’s nostalgic for the good times,” they alleged.

Her biggest fear is that he’ll want them to move back to the UK.

“Although he loves the US, he still feels a lot of guilt over leaving his family and friends, and the fact that he’s made a point of saying US citizenship isn’t a priority has added to Meghan’s worries,” they then added.

The source then went on to say that Harry is “homesick” and always talks about how he misses his life in the UK.

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Meghan Markle news: Duchess worried she’s ‘losing’ Harry

They then claimed that he is “constantly pleading” her to visit, and reportedly wants to spend his 40th at home.

The source then added that it’s “alarming” to the Duchess of Sussex that he’s not “embracing American life more”.

They reportedly added that Meghan is “terrified” she’s losing her husband, and that the homesickness could “break them apart”.

ED! has contacted the Sussexes reps for comment.

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