Will there be a series 3 of Trigger Point?

Trigger Point on ITV1: Everything we know about a new season and if it will be back for series 3

Lana was faced with an impossible decision when she was kidnapped by the terror cell in the finale...

Trigger Point series 2 has come to an climatic ending, as viewers saw Lana faced with an impossible decision – but will there be a series 3?

After six explosive episodes, Lana finally got the better of the terror cell who kidnapped her. They forced her to choose between her duty and saving those who mattered the most to her.

She learnt to her horror that the terrorists intended her to be the key component of their next attack on the very upper level of the UK law and order system. Tense scenes saw her faced with a choice between her fundamental duty as an officer to preserve life, or to save the lives of her mum and dad…

So what happened in the series 2 finale of Trigger Point, and will there be a series 3?

***Warning: spoilers from series 2 of Trigger Point ahead***

Lana kidnapped by terrorist group in Trigger Point
Lana Washington was kidnapped by the terror cell in the Trigger Point series 2 finale (Credit: ITV)

Trigger Point series 2 ending explained

Lana ‘if it’s my time, it’s my time’ Washington fought for her life in episode 6 of Trigger Point series 2. But, come on, we all knew her life was never really in danger… Yes, the cast of Trigger Point dropped like flies in series 2 – John Hudson, and DI Thom Youngblood to name a few – but the star of the show was never really going to perish.

Of course, we’d already seen her life spared in the penultimate episode when the bomb went off. But as the final episode began, she was tasered and kidnapped by Hope, the leader of the best looking terrorist group on the planet, called The Wave. A bit tricky, considering she’d just quit her job after an argument with her boss, Commander John (Julian Ovenden).

The Wave leader Hope revealed that they had taken London hostage in protest at the state of society. They planned to overthrow the government. First they killed Lana’s informant Alex. Then they told Lana they had rigged her parent’s home with explosives. If she didn’t go along with their dastardly plan, they would be killed…

What did The Wave want Lana to do?

The Wave wanted Lana to assassinate the Home Secretary, who was due to visit Lana’s (former) place of work at the Counter Terrorism Headquarters that day.

However, Lana was quick to tell them they would be caught thanks to the new security measures which included sniffer dogs. She suggested they change their plan – ditching their explosives and allowing her to build a bomb using discarded evidence from previous bomb cases.

Naturally, Hope insisted she control the bomb remotely from her phone. Knowing her parents were in danger, Lana built a bomb but not without telling Danny (Eric Shango) and Sonya (Kerry Godliman) about her predicament. What a misstep that the terror cell didn’t think to monitor Lana’s audio feed, and not just her visual! I think we had to suspend disbelief on that one.

Danny and co went to save Lana’s parents, while Lana built the bomb… She convinced her former boss to let her stand in for Sonya as the lead technical expert to lend her knowledge, but Sonya’s absence was a red flag to DI Helen Morgan, and DI Amar Batra, who began clearing the building of all people.

In tense scenes, Lana placed the bomb beside the Home Secretary. But, when Hope detonated the bomb, it didn’t go off. Instead, Lana had miraculously been able to swap the bomb. So Hope and her terror cell all died.

Although Lana was arrested, she soon proved she had been acting for the greater good. She – and her parents – attended Danny’s wedding at the end of the episode.

Eric Shango as Danny in Trigger Point
Eric Shango as Danny in Trigger Point, who finally got his happy ending in the series 2 finale (Credit: ITV1)

Will there be a Trigger Point series 3?

ITV has not yet confirmed whether Trigger Point will return for a series 3. But we’re pretty sure the thriller will be back.

Of course, half the cast of series 1 and series 2 have been blown up… But there are still plenty of bomb disposal experts left – not least leading lady Vicky McClure as Lana Washington.

We’d expect to see Eric Shango return as newlywed Danny, as well as EXPO team member Hass (Nabil Elouahabi). Natalie Simpson would most likely come back as DS Helen Morgan, with Julian Ovenden, Kerry Godliman, Kevin Eldon, and Tamzin Griffin all likely to return.

ED! believes Trigger Point series 3 will likely be back in January 2025. Watch this space for more details.

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Helen Fear
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