Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary on This Morning on ITV

This Morning sparks hundreds of Ofcom complaints over ‘inappropriate’ segment

"Just sat down to my lunch, and you broadcast this filth!"

This Morning has sparked hundreds of Ofcom complaints thanks to a rather raunchy segment on the ITV show last week.

On Friday (February 9), hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary gave a warning about the item beforehand. But it didn’t stop viewers complaining.

Alison told viewers to make sure their children weren’t watching before she and Dermot began to discuss sex toys. An expert, Alix Fox, appeared on the show to run them through the different sorts on the market (and call the co-hosts “sex toy newbies”). But it left some viewers a little perplexed as to whether or not the discussion was appropriate.

Alix Fox on This Morning today
Expert Alix Fox appeared on This Morning to share her sex toy wisdom (Credit: ITV)

This Morning sparks Ofcom complaints over ITV segment

During the segment, Alison and Dermot also welcomed Lizzie Cundy explaining that the star had tried out some of the toys to review them.

At one point, Lizzie seemed pretty excited over one toy leaving Dermot hilariously squirming. She said: “It started up like a Harley Davidson bike. The neighbours were twitching their curtains going, ‘what is going on?!’ Once it started it just won’t stop.

Ofcom, prepare for the complaints.

“My word, this is the winner. Hits the spot. Unbelievable.”

Dermot was seen looking rather uncomfortable as he let out a big sigh.

According to TV watchdog Ofcom, the segment received 164 complaints about This Morning. The complaints related to the time of broadcast of the Valentine’s Day themed item.

Lizzie Cundy speaking on This Morning today
Lizzie Cundy had reviewed the sex toys (Credit: ITV)

Sex toy segment on This Morning

One viewer said on X, formerly Twitter: “Am I a prude for thinking that particular segment was a bit much on a daytime show, particularly as I did think it was just done to spark the comments? (Which of course it has done.)”

Another said: “Just sat down to my lunch, and you broadcast this filth! What happened to the 9 o’clock watershed?” before adding “Ofcom” as a hashtag.

Another added: “Nah @thismorning WTAF? It’s midday and you’re doing a segment on sex toys?! @Ofcom There are youngsters watching this!!!!!!”

Another tweeted: “Don’t think this is appropriate for daytime television.”

Dermot, Alison and Alix on This Morning
Some viewers thought Dermot looked “uncomfortable” during the segment (Credit: ITV)

The segment proved popular with some

However, some viewers welcomed the segment. One said: “Anyone fuming about the sex toy segment on TV, y’all are weird. How are we getting angry over sexual health? Especially when the show gave warnings before the segment?!”

Somebody replied: “I wasn’t entirely happy about it, lots of children off school right now, I mean, do adults really need educating on vibrators and did Alison Hammond really have to say ‘That’s a big one?’ Dermot was embarrassed the entire time.”

Another quipped: “Ofcom, prepare for the complaints.”

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