Luke speaks to camera, My Mum Your Dad cast member Martin M looks worried

My Mum, Your Dad star Martin M admits backlash on him is affecting son Luke

Admitted to being 'worried'

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My Mum, Your Dad cast member Martin M has broken his silence over son Luke on Instagram.

Property developer Martin M turned heads on the ITV dating show for middle-aged parents. The ‘swaggering’ 56-year-old created quite the kerfuffle as a late addition to the series, catching the eye of both Monique and Tolullah.

Both women were also wooed by Martin H during their time on the show. And Tolullah even turned down Martin H for his near-namesake before Martin M informed her he was more interested in Monique.

Accusations of being a ‘game player’ from viewers formed part of a backlash against Martin M on social media. And now, he has addressed how Luke has been ‘coping’ with reactions.

My Mum Your Dad cast member Martin M speaks to camera
Martin M seemed a little thrown when he learned the truth about Luke and other children of the cast members (Credit:

My Mum, Your Dad: Martin M news

During the final episode of the show’s run that streamed on Thursday (September 21) evening, Martin seemed stunned that Luke was able to observe his romancing the whole time.

“I’m worried about Luke seeing that maybe I was involved in a kind of triangle, for want of a better word,” Martin M admitted.

He went on: “I just hope he sees me in a good light. I don’t want him to see me in a negative light. And I was just a bit nervous about it all.”

And on Friday afternoon Martin M responded to fan questions on Insta Stories about Luke, too.

Luke listens
Luke has his own fans among viewers, too (Credit:

How fans reacted

Asked about how his “good lad” was doing following “backlash”, Martin M replied: “Luke is his own man. He’s doing ok, thanks. He’s busy working at the moment.”

Someone else also enquired as to whether Luke was “coping ok”. “Luke is fine, thanks,” Martin M responded.

“Not sure he’s even watched the show. Too busy being an 18-year-old in Ibiza.”

My Mum Your Dad cast member Martin M walks
My Mum Your Dad cast member Martin M on his son: ‘Luke is his own man’ (Credit:

‘Felt sorry for Luke’

Elsewhere on Insta, some fans expressed sympathy for Luke.

“Felt sorry for Luke tbh. He had to sit there every day listening to the others having a bit of a go at his dad,” one commenter wrote on a post on the programme’s official account.

Someone else agreed: “I feel for Luke too. He seems such a lovely lad.”

And a third person chipped in: “I just wanted someone to hug him, he looked so lost. Imagine sitting there seeing that, it really upset me with him been so young.”

But Martin M also commented on the same post – and answered another fan yet again when they wrote: “I did feel for your son.”

The fan added: “He had to sit through some very awkward moments with the rest of the kids unhappy with your antics. Hope you gave him a big hug!”

Luke is a huge source of inspiration for me.

Martin M wrote back: “He knows me better than anyone and accepts my flaws without judgment. It might have been uncomfortable for him but he’s a huge source of inspiration for me.”

Additionally, he also told another commenter: “Luke is his own person, always does things his way. No way was he giving me a free pass.”

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