Harvey Armstrong smiling on Made In Chelsea

Harvey Armstrong: Made in Chelsea star’s career and £3m net worth

The reality star created his own business

Harvey Armstrong caused quite the stir – especially for Emily – when he first joined the cast of Made In Chelsea in 2019.

Especially after he found himself caught in the middle of a love triangle between Sophie Habboo and Emily Blackwell.

But while his romantic life may be filled with drama, what does the reality star do for a living?

Here’s everything we know about Harvey Armstrong.

Harvey Armstrong in a blue top on Made In Chelsea
Harvey Armstrong joined the cast of Made In Chelsea in 2019 (Credit: E4)

Who is Harvey Armstrong?

Harvey Armstrong rose to fame when he joined Made In Chelsea: Buenos Aires in 2019.

The reality star was introduced as Sophie Habboo’s ex when he was conveniently on a business trip in Argentina while Sophie was filming MIC.

However, things quickly escalated as Harvey got in the middle of Sophie Habboo’s friendship with her co-star Emily Blackwell.

Harvey then continued to appear on the show as things got more serious between him and Emily.

What does Harvey Armstrong do?

Other than causing drama on Made In Chelsea, Harvey Armstrong is a chartered accountant at PwC.

He also runs his own start-up, The Innovative Brewing Co, which lists itself as “creating the most cutting edge and forward thinking brews.”

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But that’s not all!

Harvey Armstrong also plays rugby for Gibraltar.

Harvey Armstrong smiling on Made In Chelsea
Harvey Armstrong owns his own brewing company called The Innovative Brewing Co (Credit: E4)

What is Harvey Armstrong’s net worth?

According to West Wales Chronicle, Harvey has an estimated net worth of £3 million.

How old is Harvey Armstrong?

Although we don’t know his birthday, Harvey Armstrong is 25 years old.

Harvey Armstrong frowning on Made In Chelsea
Emily Blackwell dumped Harvey Armstrong after she found out he kissed another girl (Credit: E4)

Are Emily and Harvey together on Made In Chelsea?

Harvey Armstrong and Emily Blackwell first got together in 2019, after Emily risked her friendship with Harvey’s ex Sophie Habboo to be with him.

Ever since then it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing for the couple and the pair recently decided to split.

This came after Emily received a photo of Harvey with his arm around another girl.

Although Harvey tried to convince her it was innocent, Emily realised his story didn’t add up after he alleged that he had his arm around the other woman because she was cold.

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She told co-star Tiffany Watson: “Someone sent me a picture of him sitting on Tristan’s sofa with his arm around a girl – a random girl that I didn’t know – he said to me that she was cold.

“I literally said ‘do you think I’m going to believe that?’. I said ‘there are things called jumpers’.”

Eventually Emily confronted Harvey and he confessed that he kissed the mystery girl.

A furious Emily replied: “You don’t kiss someone if you love someone you piece of [bleep]. Are you kidding me? You threw our two year relationship away for that?”

She then stormed off, leaving her relationship with Harvey behind.

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