Lorraine Kelly’s cattiest-ever putdowns: ‘Catty’ dig at Caroline Flack, ‘sly’ remark about Prince Harry and savage swipe at ITV viewers

No one's immune when it comes to her acid tongue!

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Breakfast TV queen Lorraine Kelly is clearly not a morning person – one look at the putdowns she’s delivered on her ITV1 morning show, Lorraine, will tell you that.

Whether it’s poking fun at Richard Madeley or calling out Prince Harry, there’s no one apparently off the Scottish TV host’s radar.

Some of her digs, aimed at the likes of Matt Hancock, are pretty much fully justified and we love her for them. But others, like the time Lorraine Kelly took aim at Caroline Flack as she faced police charges, were a bit too near the knuckle…

Lorraine Kelly looking awkward in a red dress
The face of a woman who knows she’s put her foot in it (Credit: YouTube)

Lorraine Kelly on Prince Harry

Prince Harry has come under Lorraine’s scrutiny many, many times.

This time last year she made what viewers branded a “sly dig” at the one-time party prince.

It happened as Lorraine spoke to Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid to preview what was coming up on her show. At the time, Spare was about to be released and conversation, of course, quickly turned to Prince Harry.

Ben asked Lorraine: “We know that the book was under strictly security measures and it got leaked to The Guardian – a newspaper that doesn’t traditionally run royal stories.”

“I know,” Lorraine said, pulling faces and tapping her cheek in a mock puzzled way. “And probably one of the very few that Harry and Meghan would maybe even trust a teeny tiny little bit. It’s just, honestly it’s like a soap opera.”

Hasn’t America suffered enough?!

She then went in on the supposed fight between William and Harry: “The whole thing about the necklace and the dog bowl is not exactly a Die Hard fisticuffs, is it? It’s more like, do you remember that fight scene in Bridget Jones and it was just hilarious,” she said.

“Yeah, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth slapping each other a little bit,” Ben added. “Well it sounds a wee bit more like that,” Lorraine said.

Viewers were less than impressed with her comments, with one branding them “sly” and another accusing Lorraine of “downplaying” William’s “disgusting behaviour”.

Lorraine on Prince Andrew

The royals are always on Lorraine’s radar, it seems, with Prince Andrew also feeling the effects of her barbed tongue.

It came as Lorraine introduced a segment entitled “Why Prince Andrew could be following Mehan and Harry to America.”

Lorraine then quipped: “Hasn’t America suffered enough?!”

Lorraine Kelly
TV host Lorraine Kelly has never been one to hold back (Credit: YouTube)

Lorraine Kelly on Love Island host Caroline Flack

TV’s Lorraine Kelly was called out over a “catty” remark viewers said she made about Caroline Flack after she stepped down from Love Island and before her 2020 death.

Lorraine said with a straight face: “As Caroline Flack steps down from Love Island, we’ll be finding out who is set to replace her. Yeah, that’s showbiz.”

Andi Peters, who was on the show with Lorraine, descended into giggles, with Lorraine soon following. “Tell it how it is, Lorraine,” he quipped. “Tell is how it is.”

Viewers furious over Lorraine Kelly comments about Caroline Flack

Her words were not met with quite the same warm reception on social media, where Lorraine was criticised for being “bitchy”.

The clip was played in the documentary made about Caroline after her suicide. In the film, her devastated mother says: “Just to laugh when it was the worst time in Carrie’s life and just say that’s show business. Well it shouldn’t be show business. It should not be show business.”

Lorraine on Richard Madeley

The Scottish presenter has even laid into some of her fellow ITV stars.

During a handover to Good Morning Britain, one a day with Richard Madeley at the helm, she made a cheeky dig at the presenter.

As she announced the show’s line-up, Lorraine said: “Richard! You might be interested in this – Steve Coogan’s on the show.”

Actor Steve of course played Alan Partridge in one of his most well-known roles. And one look at Twitter will see Richard is compared to Alan Partridge every single time he fronts the show.

Lorraine Kelly on ‘Pound Shop Milk Tray man’ Matt Hancock

Politicians aren’t off this one’s radar, either. March 2022 saw Lorraine savage Matt Hancock. It came after Hancock gave an interview about his well-publicised affair wearing a navy roll-neck jumper.

Lorraine said: “I don’t know what he’s come as.” She then added: “He looks like a Bond villain or a Pound Shop Milk Tray man.”

Lorraine Kelly on ITV viewers

Viewers aren’t off Lorraine’s hit list, either. January 2023 saw Lorraine take a swipe at Dancing On Ice fans.

More than 100 viewers complained to TV watchdog Ofcom over contestant Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu’s sexy routine.

After saying Ekin-Su’s performance was more “crawling on ice”, she then added: “Over a hundred complaints have been made after Ekin-Su’s sexy dance routine on Sunday’s Dancing On Ice. The hundred of you, honestly, have you not got better things to do?”

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