Jane McDonald on The One Show

The One Show: Jane McDonald issues apology for her behaviour as fans rally round

She's had a tough time full of loss

The One Show welcomed Jane McDonald to its famous red sofa last night (January 12).

Jane was on to chat about the new series of her travel show Holidaying With Jane McDonald.

However, she got emotional when speaking about her late mother and partner Ed Rothe after watching a snippet of the returning series, which follows her embarking on solo travels.

Choking up, the lovely Jane was quick to apologise to  The One Show for her behaviour, which saw fans offer their support.

Jane McDonald on The One Show
Jane lost her mother in 2018 and partner in 2021 (Credit: BBC)

Jane McDonald chokes up on The One Show

Presenter Ronan Keating first said: “Now Jane, let’s talk about your new show – Holidaying with Jane McDonald. Tell us where you’re taking us this time around!”

Jane replied: “Oh, I’m going to Mexico! Mexico this week and then Cyprus the week after.

“I’ve done some fantastic things, I’ve let little turtles go, I’ve seen a very sexy Mexican cowboy playing polo! Oh, that was nice! Didn’t get a horse ride but you know just the memory of that was marvellous really.”

Host Alex Jones then added: “We’ve got a clip, you mentioned the turtles – we can see it here, it’s really beautiful.”

In the clip, Jane can be seen letting baby turtles out on a beach.

“Look at them, they’re trying to get out,” she said. “I’m calling one Ed and one Jean, after my late partner and mum.”

In the video, she continued: “You have no idea how special this feels. And we’re getting to release them. I’m quite emotional.”

Jane McDonald’s apology for being emotional

Back in the studio, Jane was overcome with emotion as she reflected on her late mother and partner Eddie. Eddie died from lung cancer in 2021, while her mother passed away in 2018.

“Because I just recently lost my partner and my mother at the same time,” she began.

Apologising for her voice cracking, she said: “Sorry, my throat went there, always does when I talk about them.

“And I just thought, this is new life – go out, and…

“You’ve just got to think at the end of something comes something beautiful, a new life and that’s what we all have to remember.”

Chipping in, Alex said: “So it was quite an emotional bit for me and they all got down to the ocean, so I was so pleased to see them go. Sorry you’ve been through that Jane.”

To which Jane replied: “Thank you, it’s not just me though, there’s a lot of people out there.”

Fan reaction

Taking to the comment section of Jane’s Instagram, many fans sent their messages of support.

One person said: “I am so sorry for the loss of your partner and mum.”

A second wrote: “Great interview.”

Another added: “You always make me smile.”

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