Nigel Farage / Sam Thompson on I'm A Celebrity

I’m A Celebrity: Nigel Farage ‘unhappy’ with decision to crown Sam Thompson camp leader, expert claims

The public voted as Sam as the series first camp leader

In the latest I’m A Celebrity news, a body language expert has revealed that not everyone is happy with the decision to crown Sam Thompson as the camp leader.

While the Made In Chelsea star might have a larger-than-life personality that his campmates have warmed to, it seems Nigel Farage isn’t too pleased.

Nigel Farage on I'm A Celebrity
Nigel didn’t look happy when Sam was crowned camp leader (Credit: YouTube)

I’m A Celebrity news: ‘He was expecting or wanted to be made camp leader himself’

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, body language expert Darren Stanton is confident that Nigel was “unhappy” with Sam being crowned the camp leader.

He said: “Nigel appeared completely stunned as Sam was made camp leader. He flashed a surprised expression and lowered his head, which was as though to say what the hell”.

Darren insisted Nigel “was expecting or wanted to be made camp leader himself,” revealing that “was the first thing I noticed straight away”.

“Nigel wasn’t happy that Sam was made leader. Sam went on to choose Marvin as his deputy. In the few minutes of being camp leader, Sam began talking about how he will dish out punishment and make the camp even better. I don’t think Sam will be very popular if he starts laying down the law and being strict”.

Although Sam’s popularity might be in question in future episodes, Darren doesn’t believe Sam is an authoritative person. Darren continued: “He’s a decent guy and a good person to have around, but I don’t think he’s a natural leader – and neither is Marvin”.

“I don’t think Sam is going to make a good team leader if he has to make difficult decisions. I don’t think he’s got him in it to do it”.

Sam Thompson and Marvin Humes in I'm A Celebrity
Sam chose Marvin to be deputy leader (Credit: YouTube)

Darren says Nigel and Frankie were ‘disgruntled’ and ‘jealous’ over Misery Motel task

As a “natural leader,” Darren said it’s “difficult” for Nigel to “have someone else running the camp”.

While Darren has strong opinions on Nigel, he also states Frankie has also been impacted by the decision. “Frankie also put his two pence in, saying he would like to have gone to the Misery Motel,” he said.

“I most definitely think there was jealousy from Frankie and Nigel. Nigel has taken this show as an opportunity to get back into the spotlight, and he previously spoke about getting airtime. His nose is most definitely out of joint,” Darren continued.

“He thought he would have been given more airtime and tasks, which has slightly backfired. Certainly Frankie and Nigel are the two main ones that feel disgruntled”.

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