Nella Rose and Fred Sirieix against the I'm A Celebrity backdrop

I’m A Celebrity: Nella Rose elected new camp leader and Fred Sirieix is ‘fuming’, viewers claim

He's on washing-up duty for the foreseeable…

On I’m A Celebrity tonight (December 1) a new camp leader was elected – step forward Nella Rose.

The divisive YouTuber was voted into the position by her fellow campmates, but she was quick to issue a warning.

“You’ve all lost your minds. This is the dumbest thing you could have ever done,” she said.

And it’s fair to say those watching at home agreed.

Nella Rose in the Bush Telegraph on I'm A Celebrity
Nella is the new I’m A Celebrity camp leader but not everyone is thrilled (Credit: ITV)

I’m A Celebrity: Nella Rose appointed top dog

Step aside Sam Thompson, there’s a new leader in town and it’s Nella Rose.

Nigel Farage informed the campmates there would be an election following a number of rule breaks under Sam.

“There have been a number of rule breaks in camp. As a result, Sam’s reign as leader will end. Any further rule breaks could result in the camp losing stars. The next leader of the group will be chosen by a secret ballot. One by one please make your way up to the Bush Telegraph to cast your vote. As Sam has already been leader of the group, you cannot vote for him. When all the votes have been cast, the new leader will be announced. You must not discuss or reveal who you want to be the leader until the results have been declared,” he said.

Tony said: “Don’t break these rules guys as we’re going to lose stars.”

Fred on I'm A Celebrity without his shirt on
Fred was given the task of washing up by new leader Nella (Credit: ITV)

The results are in

Later Nigel counted the votes and Nick and Marvin got two votes each, Danielle, Nigel and Josie got one vote each and Nella got three making her the new camp leader. Camp cheered as Marvin bowed down to her, joking: “Come on your majesty.”

Nigel told her she was to choose a deputy and she picked EastEnders star Danielle. They then headed down to the creek to divide up the chore.

As they choose Fred and Nigel to do washing up, Danielle harked back to last night’s washing up row and said: “They like it clean, they may as well do it themselves.”

The ladies decided the new camp chefs would be Josie and Tony. Fred and Nigel were put on the washing up. Meanwhile, camp maintenance is Marvin and Frankie’s responsibility.

Returning to camp with the board, Nella said: “Do not look so afraid, I’ve come to restore justice.”

Fred reacts – and I’m A Celebrity fans think he’s fuming

However, one campmate didn’t just look afraid, viewers think they spotted that Fred looked mighty peeved.

In a dig at Fred, Nella said: “Josie has wanted to cook for two weeks but she’s been too scared to say anything. Josie, you’re camp chef. Tony you’re going to help with the fire.”

Nella said: “Washing up duty, we have Fred and Farage. You guys like to pick up things that people have cleaned, throw them on the muddy floor and tell them to wash it again. So now, unfortunately, roles reversed.”

Fred fired back: “At least the place will be clean now.”

“Naaaaah Fred is fuming,” said one viewer. “Lol at Fred on the washing up. Ego taken a bit of a battering,” said another. “Yes Fred on washing pans. Dude is fuming,” another claimed. “Fred is fuming he is on washing up duty,” said another. “Fred finally getting his karma and getting put on dish duty,” another viewer commented.

Not everyone was quite so gleeful, though.

“Oh god this is going to be insufferable watching Nella as camp leader,” said one. “How did they let that happen?” said another. “They’ve literally voted for the worst camp leader now… what a joke,” said another.

Proving she’s almost as Marmite as Farage, Nella’s appointment was met with some glee, though.

“Happy Nella won, y’all can stay mad,” said one fan. “Public are gonna hate this lmao Team Nella thanks,” said another.

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