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‘Saddest moment in TV history’: GBBO fans rally round after contestant’s ‘tragedy’

We'll never look at a tomato the same way again, tbh!

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Last week on GBBO saw Keith eliminated from the tent by judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

And, while there’s no doubt that he deserved to go after a shocker of a week on the Great British Bake Off, he most definitely didn’t deserve the savage “tomato-gate” trauma that endured on the second ep of the new series.

In fact, the TV moment has been branded a “tragedy” for poor Keith. Some are even saying it’s the “saddest moment in TV history”.

GBBO Keith
Great British Bake Off hopeful Keith was eliminated (Credit: Channel 4)

GBBO: What happened with Keith and his tomato?

For the show’s showstopper, contestants were tasked with making illusion biscuits – and Keith made a sandwich out of biscuits.

The lovely Keith tried to make a biscuit look like a tomato. However, Paul wasn’t convinced and held it up to show the rest of the tent and highlight that it didn’t look anything like one. Keith joked about his tomato biscuit, but he looked entirely disheartened when contestant Josh presented his showstopper – a burger made from biscuits, complete with, you’ve guessed it, a tomato.

Except Josh’s looked entirely like the real deal, even going so far as to create a stained glass effect, which Paul also held up to the rest of the tent.

However, in the background of the shot was Keith, looking entirely disheartened and like he knew in that moment that he was up for the chop.

Viewers react

The memes were endless, as was the outpouring of support for Keith in the wake of the “tomato tragedy”.

“The saddest scene in television history is Paul holding up Josh’s tomato with Keith in the background,” said one.

“The editing in Bake Off this week… A tomato tragedy for Keith, his heart ripped out by Josh,” said another.

“Aww Keith looking at his tomato after seeing Josh’s broke my heart,” said a third.  “That cut from Josh’s tomato to Keith was COLD,” insisted another.

Host Alison Hammond had the task of telling Keith he was heading home, while Noel Fielding let Tasha know she’d bagged Star Baker.

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