Inside David Dickinson’s ‘years of fear and despair’ amid four-year prison sentence

David was sent to prison at 19

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David Dickinson, the charismatic host of Dickinson’s Real Deal, once spent three years in prison back when he was 19.

In the years since the now 82-year-old has opened up about the “years of fear and despair” he endured whilst behind bars.

David Dickinson
David was sentenced to four years in prison when he was 19 (Credit:

David Dickinson spent time in prison

Back when he was 19 years old, David was sentenced to four years in prison for mail fraud.

The scam saw David buy goods on credit before selling them. He then recycled the money back into the business to get a better credit rating.

David was charged with conspiring with others to defraud several firms. His trial lasted two weeks and he was sentenced to four years in prison.

However, he only served three.

Back in 2019, he opened up about his time behind bars during an appearance on Shopping with Keith Lemon back in 2019.

David Dickinson
David said his time in prison put the “fear of God” in him (Credit: ITV)

David Dickinson on prison time

Speaking to Leigh Francis‘ character, David said: “And then as I got older, I got involved – because I was a bit of a cocky little b***er – I got involved in fraudulent type activities and got sent to prison.

“And I deserved and it was the best thing in some ways that happened to me,” he then said.

“It wasn’t short and sharp, I was there for about three years, but that put the fear of God into me and I didn’t want any more of that.”

He then went on to describe Strangeways and Wakefield prisons as “horrendous”.

David Dickinson
David admitted to having been “greedy” (Credit: ITV)

David on ‘horrendous’ time behind bars

That isn’t the first time David opened up about his time in prison.

Back in 2003, he spoke to The Mirror about his three years behind bars.

“It didn’t seem real,” he said at the time.

“In those first days, shock was the overriding experience, then, gradually, I accepted this was my own fault. When I embarked on the venture, I knew it to be wrong. I had been greedy, I wanted too much,” he then added.

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David Dickinson talks about going to prison

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