Emmerdale's Caleb is looking serious and, in a bubble, is Caleb

Caleb Miligan arrives in Emmerdale, the new Dingle with secrets

Caleb wants answers from Cain

Caleb Miligan is the latest character to arrive in Emmerdale, as he turns up on Christmas Day to greet Cain in prison.

Caleb wants answers from Cain.

But, who is Caleb and how is he related to Cain?

Caleb from Emmerdale promo pic of Will Ash
Caleb is the new Dingle in the village (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Who is Caleb Miligan?

Caleb Miligan is a new Dingle who is only known to Cain.

He is a rich, successful businessman who likes to be in control of things.

Caleb will arrive to the village with a lot of questions for his family.

He’s a complex guy who will bring with him lots of secrets.

Caleb and Cain standing
Caleb is Cain’s brother (Credit: ITV)

How is Caleb Miligan related to Cain Dingle in Emmerdale?

Caleb Miligan is Cain and Chas Dingle’s long-lost brother.

Cain knew about Caleb but decided to keep him a secret from Chas.

Caleb is Faith’s son and comes to visit Cain on Christmas Day after sending him a series of letters.

After Moira visited Cain in prison and revealed that a mysterious person had sent Kyle and Isaac a Christmas present each, Cain made a phone call.

He told Caleb to visit him on Christmas Day to sort things out.

On Christmas Day, Caleb visits Cain and tells him how shocked he was to learn that Faith had died.

Cain had told him that their mum had died 30 years ago.

He wants answers.

Cain tells Caleb to stay away from his family but Caleb is devastated that Cain robbed him of the chance to get to know the Dingles the first time around.

Will Caleb back off?

Or, will he stick around until he gets the answers he needs?

On Boxing Day, viewers will be treated to a flashback episode that could help explain the secrets Cain and Caleb keep.

Caleb glares at Cain, who is sitting in the prison visiting room on Emmerdale
Will Ash plays Caleb Miligan (Credit: ITV)

Who plays Caleb Miligan?

Will Ash plays Caleb.

Will Ash is a 45-year-old actor from Lancashire.

As well as being an actor, Will Ash is also a writer.

He’s the second cousin to Coronation Street star Peter Ash, who plays Paul Foreman.

Speaking to The Metro, Cain Dingle star, Jeff Hordley, revealed that the pair both knew each other before filming: “We both went to North Chadderton comprehensive in Oldham.”

Will Ash confirmed this further: “I knew I would be working a lot with Jeff who I have known for a long time so that was a massive draw.”

Cain and Caleb talk over the prison visiting room table
Will Ash has been in Waterloo Road (Credit: ITV)

What else has Will Ash been in?

Will Ash has been in a variety of TV shows.

He has starred in Children’s Ward and has also appeared in Doctor Who, Casualty and Vera.

He is perhaps best known for playing the role of Christopher Mead in Waterloo Road between 2009-2011.

He’s also written and directed the 2020 short film, Joey.

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Emmerdale - First Look At Young Cain and Caleb In Exclusive Flashback Scene

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